Case 1: CAP: Atypical

Rales were localized to the left lung field with dullness to percussion and egophany. WBC=16K with 68% PMN, 20% bands. BUN/Cr=26/1.2. Na=138 What type of infection is present?


Examination of the Spleen

2 • Percussion by Castell's method o percuss in the lowest Left intercostal space in the anterior axillary line (usually the 8 th or 9 th IC space -see Figure 1) o this space should remain resonant during full inspiration o dullness on full inspiration indicates possible splenic enlargement (a positive ...


Respiratory Assessment

•Compare one side to the other looking for asymmetry. •Note the location and quality of the percussion sounds you hear. •Find the level of the diaphragmatic dullness on both sides.


Stigmata of Chronic Liver Disease

With the patient in the lateral decubitus position, the area of tympany shifts upward, hence the term shifting dullness . A fluid wave can be demonstrated by percussing on one side of the abdomen while palpating the other side of the abdomen with the palm of the opposite hand.


Pelvic Floor Distress Inventory.xlsx

Usually experience heaviness or dullness in the pelvic area? 01234 3. Usually have a bulge or something falling out that you can see or feel in your vaginal area? 01234 4.


Acute Dyspnea: A Sign of Underlying Disease

absent breath sounds unilaterally may represent pneumothorax (when accompanied by hyperresonance to percussion) or pleural effusion (when accompanied by dullness to percussion).



absence of breath sounds, dullness to percussion, and flat neck veins. The treatment consists of correcting the hypovolaemic shock, insertion of an


–Bell • Low frequency – Heart • Tubing – 11-16 ...

• Find the level of the diaphragmatic dullness on both sides. • Ask the patient to inspire deeply. • The level of dullness (diaphragmatic excursion) should go down 3-5cm symmetrically.


Antigone and the fight against dullness

WA Today - Business News, World News & Breaking News in Australia Antigone and the fight against dullness February 24, 2009 - 11:26AM Matthew Lutton directs Antigone.


An Evidence-Based Manual for Abdominal Paracentesis

Flank dullness Percuss the abdominal wall starting at theperiumbilical region and then going outward to the dependent areas (flanks). If ascites is present, there is a change fro m tympany to dullness.


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