Medical Percussion

To employ one mode of exploration to the exclusion of others would be proof of poor judgment. Pierre A. Piorry, 1828 eopold Auenbrugger (1722-1809) was the inventor of medical percussion. 1-3 In 1761, Auen-brugger published his dissertation about percussion, in which he described dullness to ...


Trollope, Seriality, and the Dullness of Form

Trollope, Seriality, and the 'Dullness'of Form Trollope, Seriality, and the Dullness of Form


The Danger of Dullness

- 81 The Danger of Dullness Hebrews 5:11-14 Sometimes preaching and teaching and instructing people in the Bible is amazingly hard work. Sometimes it is hard because there is much to say .


Tuberculosis: 4. Pulmonary disease

If parenchymal disease is present, there may be crackles, dullness to percussion, decreased breath sounds or bronchial breathing. Dullness, decreased breath sounds and a friction rub may be found with pleural effusion.


Percuss lung fields

Percuss in the apices, that is, between the lateral neck and the shoulder (Krönig's isthmus; Fig 5-4: sites 17-18) OUTCOME: If there is a tympanic note: * emphysema * pneumothorax If dull note: * pleural effusion * consolidation If dull note over left anterior chest: * normal cardiac dullness Feel for tactile ...



chapter 19 bipolar disorder (manic-depression) (dullness and mania, dian kuang) bipolar disorder in western medicine 498 symptoms of bipolar disorder 498


Patient Assessment and Physical Examination

There is dullness to percussion , decreased fremitus , and decreased breath sounds in the lower one third of the left side of the chest. Cardiac examination shows normal heart sounds, and no murmur.


POX: 98% RA. On exam AAOX3. Course BS bilateral bases without ...

AAOx3 with rales/rhonchi in RLL with egophany and dullness to percussion. CXR with RML lobar infiltrate. WBC: 24K with 96% PMN, BUN/Cr: 32/1.4, Na: 138.


Gastrointestinal Examination scheme

Ascites - Percussion * Elicit horseshoe pattern of dullness * Elicit shifting dullness (roll patient towards you) - Fluid thrill 17. Auscultation of abdomen - Bowel sounds * Obstruction - frequent, loud, high pitched, tinkling sounds * Paralytic ileus - absent sounds - Bruit * Aortic (above umbilicus) * Renal ...


ysical Examination Clues With Potential Diagnoses

This provides an opportunity to evaluate for areas of dullness, tympany, fluid collections or free air under the abdominal musculature. Tympany is usually audible during percussion, but it may also be present in patients with a perforated bowel or viscus and in bowel obstruction.


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