Global Energy Cyberattacks:

We have identified the tools, techniques, and network activities used in these continuing attacks — which we have dubbed Night Dragon — as originating primarily in China.


TriniTas - Golf's field of dreams

GOLF TODAY • MAY 2007 23 I f the fictional Ray Kinsella character played by Kevin Costner, and his Iowa baseball diamond defined baseball's "field of dreams" in the movie of the same name, then Mike Nemee and the Trinitas Golf Club outside of Stockton, California are golf's real-life counterparts.


Medieval Times Vocabulary

After serving an apprenticeship as page and squire, one can be dubbed this 8. A fortified residence, especially that of a prince or nobleman; a fortress 9.


JNC 7 Physician Reference Card

Seventh Report of the Joint National Committee on Prevention, Detection, Evaluation, and Treatment of High Blood Pressure (JNC7) JNC 7 Physician Reference Card


Panasonic SIP Cordless Phone System

Panasonic SIP Cordless Phone System SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) technology allows you to route your calls over the internet (VoIP) for reduced hardware costs


The Dubbing of The Simpsons Cultural Appropriation ...

As a result, some foreign-language cultural products are broadcast in a dubbed version in France and Québec. Such is the situation for the animated series The Simpsons, ...


Emotions in Dubbed Speech: An Intercultural Approach with ...

Emotionsin dubbed speech: An interculturalapproach with respect to F0 Angelika Braun / Matthias Katerbow Department ofGerman Linguistics, Phonetics Section University of Marburg, Germany [email protected] / [email protected] Abstract A comparative intercultural study on the so ...



Saarland Working Papers in Linguistics (SWPL) 2. 58-72. 70 Ex. Italian original Dubbed German version (a) 00:05:15:00 - 00: 05:28:00 (TCR) 1 (Adelina) Cigarette!


Translating register, style and tone in dubbing and ...

The Journal of Specialised Translation Issue 4 - July 2005 49 Translating register, style and tone in dubbing and subtitling Zoë Pettit University of Greenwich ABSTRACT This article considers the manner in which the translators of a selection of subtitled and dubbed versions (English-French ...


SCHOTT®Flat Glass

Dubbed corners as described under 2.10.1 may need protection, if mounted in an exposed position. 10. SCHOTT ...


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