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Department of Mathematics, Sinclair Community College, Dayton, OH 1 IV Calculations Abbreviations D Dextrose W Water S Saline NS Normal saline RL Ringer's Lactate LR Lactated Ringer's NS Normal saline 0.9% ½ NS Normal saline 0.45% D5W or 5% D/W Dextrose 5% in water D5RL Dextrose 5% and Ringer's ...

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calculation practice calculation practice. Calculations Practice Problems Note: A variety of types of problems are provided for practice. Not all situations will be encountered in all states, ...

Drug Calculation Tutorial

Example: 5 mL, not 5………2 tsp, not 2………1 tablet, not 1 • Remember: If you do not show your work in dosage calculation, your answer will be considered wrong!

Sample Medication Calculation Problems

Sample Medication Calculation Problems (Need practice with IV calculations? Scroll farther down for IV Calculation Problems) Do as many or as few as you need to increase your confidence in nursing calculations Problem #1 Your 4 year old pediatric patient weight 40 pounds.

ASC Lab IV Drip Calculation* Practice Problems

Nursing 1/11/11 cs G ASC Lab IV Drip Calculation* Practice Problems IV Formulas: 1.

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The formula for this calculation is: RATE = VOLUME (IN DROPS ) TIME ( IN MINUTES) ... Calculating drug dosage SYRINGE DRIVERS Smaller amounts of IV fluid, ...

The A-B-Cs of 1-2-3: Performing Pharmacy Calculations ...

Solve pharmaceutical calculation problems involving percentage and ratio strengths. 7. ... Calculate the appropriate dose for a patient when given the reecommended dosage of that drug and the patient's weight in either pounds or kilograms.


Prepare a dosage of 0.6 mg from an available strength of 1000 mcg per 2 mL. 3. Set your IV to administer 100 mL of medication in 40 min. using a set calibrated at 15 gtt/mL. 4.

College Lab – Week 1 – Week of 1/16/06

(7 th ed.) Clifton Park, NY: Delmar Learning General Review of all dosage calculation problems Med-Surg Nursing: Ignatavicius, Donna & Workman, M. Linda (2006) ...

Fundamentals of Mathematics for Nursing

35 PART D PRACTICE DOSAGE CALCULATION EXAMS This is the format of the dosage calculation exams. Each practice exam should be completed in one hour.

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