Dolphin Tale

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Southeast Fishery Bulletin

Southeast Fishery Bulletin National Marine Fisheries Service, Southeast Regional Office, 263 13 th Avenue South, St. Petersburg, Florida 33701 FOR INFORMATION CONTACT: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Steve Branstetter ...


A MERICAN C ETACEAN S OCIETY FACT SHEET P.O. Box 1391 - San Pedro, CA 90733-1391 - (310) 548-6279 COMMON DOLPHIN Delphinus delphis (short-beaked) & Delphinus capensis (long-beaked) CLASS: Mammalia ORDER: Cetacea SUBORDER: Odontoceti FAMILY: Delphinidae GENUS: Delphinus SPECIES: delphis (short ...

Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA

ABSTRACT In the dolphin Tursiops truncatus, the basilar membrane over its course from basal to apical ends shows a systematic variation in width and in the

Dolphins in New Zealand waters

MCU Wellington Published by Department of Conservation Christchurch 2006 NS0044 Marine life Dolphins in New Zealand waters Fascinating dolphin facts •* Whales and dolphins are collectively called cetaceans, from the Greek ketos, a whale.


The movie, Dolphin Tale, tells not only an inspiring story but also provides an excellent opportunity for families to learn about some of the fascinating aspects of dolphins and the oceans in which they live.

Dolphin Reef-3

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Greetings From Your Commodore

SPRING 2010 Dolphin Yacht Club • 17 Allerton Place • PO Box 905•Marblehead MA 01945 Greetings From Your Commodore DYC Business 781.631.8000 • Dining Service and Reservations 781-639-6399 Treasury Notes am looking forward to a great 2010 season at the DYC.

eastern tropical Pacific Ocean and high seas driftnet fishing ...

Dolphin Protection 16 U.S.C. 1385 Sec. [ ] (a) S HORT T ITLE. — This section may be cited as the "Dolphin Protection Consumer Information Act".

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