A Doll's House

3 Henrik Ibsen A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen DRAMATIS PERSONAE Torvald H Torvald H Torvald H Torvald H Torvald Helmerelmer elmer elmer elmer. Nora Nora Nora Nora Nora, his wife.

Intro to T-Shirt Art - by Dianna Effner

Colorhue Dyes, Copic Markers and Iron Transfers Supplies: Colorhue dyes: Primary colors are Ruby Copic Sketch Markers Iron on transfer designs Matte white fabric paint Embroidery stabilizer sheets Tape Silk Knit fabric available from or cotton knit fabric Equipment: containers ...

How to Make This Doll

Copyright 2006, Aisling D'Art, (Circles indicate approximate placement and are not part of the face design. And, if you're going to use these as iron-ons, be sure to reverse them first.

Paper Doll Princess

Page 1 of 2 Paper Doll Princess © FamilyFun © FamilyFun Print out the paper doll princess page on cardstock, and print out her accessories on regular paper.

Dulles High School Band and Dance Team Booster Club Service ...

Dulles High School Band and Dance Team . Booster Club. Scholarship Application. 2011 . To the scholarship applicant: The Band and Dance Team Booster Club will award $500 scholarships to six current Band or Doll students who are in good standing and will graduate in June 2011.


PRODUCT Ballroom Dancing Shoes: Black or pale gold, ankle straps, long strap goes under the shoe and up to buckle, suede soles T all Fashion Boots: High heels with 3 side buckles, straps, black or other Leopard Or Zebra Fashion Boots: 2 side buckle straps, high ...


table of contents meet the oklahoma victory dolls 1 2011 season schedule 3 okvd all stars roster 4 okvd battle squad roster 5

Doll Stand

Instructions : Print out on heavy stock paper then have a grown-up help you cut out your Junie B. paper doll and all of her accessories. Art © 2009 by Denise Brunkus, from the Junie B. Jones® series by Barbara Park.

You are invited to participate in the Sales Room at the Doll ...

Booth space is to be used by the dealer only for the purpose of exhibiting and selling dolls and doll-related items. The Management reserves the right to require the withdrawal of any item from display, which, in the opinion of the Management, does not have any relationship to dolls.

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