Page 1 HISTORY OF THE PRE-WAR DOBRO® HISTORY OF THE PRE-WAR DOBRO® By Randy Getz By Randy Getz [email protected] net [email protected] net INTRODUCTION In order to keep this in a manageable format and size, only wooden-bodied screen hole resonator guitars will be addressed in this article.


Dobro-Instruments Handmade in California,National Guitars among the elite builders of resophonic guitars in the world.Using hand spun aluminum speaker cones,National guitars are renowned for

The Major Scale

It is important to note that most people play bluegrass dobro out of the keys of G, C, D, and E and use their capo to play in keys such as A, Bb, and B. 0 2 1 2 4 1 3 0  This is about as far as bluegrassers really need to go in the Circle of Fifths.

The National-Dobro Guitar Company: How The Resonator Guitar ...

ii Abstract of Thesis National-Dobro Guitar Company: How the Resonator Guitar Survived the Age of Electric Amplification John Dopyera, who was attempting to increase the sonority of the acoustic guitar, invented the resonator guitar in the mid 1920s.

Toyota Showroom - Success Story - FreeSpace Success

At Dobro Toyota, the Hyderabad showroom of Mr. Doshi, Bose FreeSpace TM Model 8, Bose FreeSpace TM Model 25 and Bose FreeSpace TM Model 32 loudspeakers and FreeSpace TM 6 Business Music Systems are used to create an enjoyable environment for customers.

The most common tuning for acoustic steel guitar (Dobro) is ...

The most common tuning for acoustic steel guitar (Dobro) is open G:

Johnny Bellar performs Dobro Concert at the SCHC

Contact: Annette Kirklin 1302 Adams Street Vicksburg, MS 39180 Phone: 601-631-2997 Fax: 601-631-3734 Southern Cultural Heritage FOUNDATION Email: [email protected] Website: PRESS RELEASE F OR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 8, 2010 Johnny Bellar performs Dobro Concert at ...


DOBRO SERIAL NUMBERS The convoluted history of the Dopyera brothers (Dobro, National Dobro, Valco, Original Music Instrument Company) has been discussed in a number of wonderful guitar texts.

CHAPTER 3 - ROLL DEMONSTRATION Bluegrass Dobro with Ivan ...

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Tim Graves & Cherokee

Tim Graves & Cherokee At the tender age of fourteen, Tim Graves took the stage for the first time playing dobro for an East Tennessee band called Cedar Run.

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