US NSF - Dear Colleague Letter: Designing Materials to ...

US NSF - Dear Colleague Letter: Designing Materials to Revolutionize and Engineer our Future (DMREF) (nsf11089)

Adobe FrameMaker 10 Application pack for S1000D

4 ADOBE FRAMEMAKER 10 APPLICATION PACK FOR S1000D S1000D Application Pack for Adobe® FrameMaker® Last updated 3/7/2011 The DMC is used as the data module's identifier for linking between data modules using the "dmRef" element.

Transforming ATA iSpec 2200 to S1000D

... ATA REFINT within a manual (a large scope) using ID/IDREF • S1000D internalRef within a data module (small scope) using ID/IDREF • External References • ATA REFEXT between manuals using AMTOSS code for targets that is limited to an "anchor" in the target manual • S1000D dmRef between data modules ...

What'snewin Issue 40? Whats new in Issue 4.0?

Issue 4.0 Mi ll Miscellaneous • Included technical information repository data module in < dmRef > usage exceptions • Deleted maintenance plan definitions • Harmonized the use of "must" • Modified CPF process • Harmonized the term "multimedia" to permit generic use • Corrected narrative references ...

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