Ditcher Pto

Powered Ditchers DT55 & DTM55

If ditcher PTO speed is 540 RPM, install 22 tooth sprocket on upper drive shaft and 16 tooth on lower impeller shaft. If ditcher PTO speed is 1000 RPM, install 16 tooth sprocket on upper drive shaft and 22 tooth on lower impeller shaft.


0360 PTO Ditcher

ORIGINAL GEARBOX PARTS For UFT Grain Carts (UFT Steinman 300, UFT Wetmore 400, UFT Steinman 425, UFT Wetmore 444, UFT Wetmore 500, UFT Steinman 750, UFT Steinman 754) & John Deere Grain Carts: (Model # 1210, Model # 400 & Model # 500) 08/10



Carefully check the decal fig. 5 on the ditcher to be sure that the speed of the PTO on the tractor matches that of the ditcher being used. 4. If required by the type of work being preformed, widen the front and rear wheels of the tractor, particularly if the double-wheel ditcher is being used.


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Lubricate bearing rings as shown on Table 22, page 31a, No 15. DO NOT operate ditcher with damaged PTO guards. Avoid safety inspection complaints and possible reprimands..


Roadside Ditcher RD-90

Roadside Ditcher Innovative Products to Expand Versatility and Productivity RD-90 Pull Type + PTO Driven + V-Shape, Flat-bottom Ditch Productive One-Pass Ditching


Model Number: 3-PT15

Do not operate this machine above 540 RPM if ditcher is rated for 540 RPM; above 1000 RPM if ditcher is rated for 1000 RPM. Excessive speed of PTO can be dangerous and could cause personal injury or damage to your tractor or ditcher.  WARNING!


Model Number: 24-W-1000

YOUR AUTHORIZED HURRICANE DITCHER DEALER: 2425 Cathlinette Road Vincennes, IN 47591 812-886-9663 www.hurricane-ditcher.com info@hurricane-ditcher.com SPECIFICATIONS OF THE MODEL 24 DITCHER-TERRACER  HP required: 100 to 180 HP on 1000 RPM PTO  Width of cut: 24 inches plus taper on each side  Depth ...


Plow Dirt

The 3” main shaft rotates at the speed of your PTO and is supported by two 4-bolt Timken bearings. The rear hydraulic cylinder controls the depth of the Dirt Ditcher’s cut.


Power Ditchers

These features make the PFM power ditcher the strongest and most durable on the market. ... Series 400 Specifications Model Recommended PTO HP Drive shaft Cutting head Hitch Weight 400-10 400-20 400-30 35 min 35 min35 min 1-3/8 6 spline 540 RPM 1-3/8 21 ...


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The rotating impeller, which is driven by the tractor's power take off, spins the dirt out - spreading it evenly for up to 150 feet on either side of the ... Alfred Moore of Christenson Farms, Drayton, North Dakota says "We have been very satisfied using the Wolverine ditcher for the past two years.


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