T HE P APERS - 1 Preparing for the Exams

Preparing for the Exams 2 PAPER 2 You must answer five questions from section A and one from section B: Section A (Five of these) 1. Length; Area; Volume; Triangles; Parallelograms; Circles; Cylinders; Cones and spheres;


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Tracing Proof in Discovering Geometry

iv Introduction Discovering Geometry is known for investigations that promote the use ofinductive reasoning and cooperative learning, and for connecting geometry to art, architecture, and other disciplines.

A Guide for Parents

v Discovering Geometry: An Investigative Approach covers the topics you would expect from a geometry course, but the teaching style as well as the learning experience might be different from what you remember from your own high school geometry course.


17 THE HUMAN LANGUAGE SERIES #1 Discovering the Human Language "Colorless Green Ideas" People seen in this film (professional linguists unless otherwise noted) : Mark Aronoff (SUNY-Stony Brook) Russell Baker (author, essayist) Roy Byrd George Carlin (Humorist) Noam Chomsky (MIT) Suzette Haden ...

seven Keys to Discovering Your Passion

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Discovering Geometry helps students internalize geometric properties as they test their reasoning with physical models. The developmental focus of Discovering Geometry will help you meet your students where they are and guide them all to a high level of understanding.

Discovering the Scientific Method

Discovering the Scientific Method Video Produced by… Joyce Fox Mary Ellen Druyan, PhD, MPH Teacher's Guide by… Mary Ellen Druyan, PhD, MPH Published and Distributed by…

Title: __ Discovering Algebra : An Investigative Approach

Assessment Because Discovering Algebra engages students as active learners, it provides ample opportunities to assess student learning throughout the course.

Michael Serra

xiv A Note to Students from the Author Michael Serra What Makes Discovering Geometry Different? Discovering Geometry was designed so that you can be actively engaged as you learn geometry.

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