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Documentación Normas ISO Centro de Documentación ...

Presupuestos : Marzo 2007 – Santiago de Chile : DIPRES, 2007 1 CD ROM. 46 Documentos 1. Presupuesto por Resultado en Chile: Sistema de Control de


Chile: External ISO Standards Certificate of Management ...

Chile 84 indicators and program evaluations -- that gave the baseline, starting in 2001, to implement a results-based management control system administered by the National Budget Office (DIPRES) of the Ministry of Finance (MoF).


Institutionalizing Evaluation: Review of International Experience

Design of a communications campaign to children and families covering issues of duration and characteristics of the program. 2.3 The case of Chile: the Management Control Division at DIPRES In Chile, the management control division within the budget department of the Ministry of Finance, Dipres ( http ...


Allan G. Croff Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Retired United ...

Once the dry spheres are available they can be calcined to yield hard, dense actinide oxide spheres which can then be made into a pellet fuel using the rest of the conventional fabrication process described earlier (called DIPRES).


Chile's Monitoring and Evaluation System, 1994-2010

DIPRES has also been more prone to increase budget appropriations proposals for high-performing agencies. By the same token, poor performing agencies (those with low results in their PMIs or with poor evaluation results) have occasionally been "punished" by DIPRES, either in terms of budget reductions or ...


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The Bank team would like to thank its counterparts Mario Marcel , Alberto Arenas , Marcelo Tokman , Jaime Crispi , Pamela Gana , Andres Cooper , and Julio Guzman at the Dirección de Presupuesto (DIPRES) in the Ministry of Finance, and Mariechen Hornkhol, Andrea Palma , and Ximena Quintanilla in the ...


School of Social Sciences and Law, Oxford Brookes University

School of Social Sciences and Law, Oxford Brookes University Masters of Research (MRes) in Psychology and Postgraduate Diploma of Research (DipRes) in Psychology COURSE HANDBOOK 2009-2010 September 17, 2009


Defining the Type of M&E System: Clients, Intended Uses, and ...

Chile: The Management Control Division at DIPRES In Chile, DIPRES is in the budget department of the Ministry of Finance. Within DIPRES, a special unit, the Management Control Division, leads the system for evaluation and management control.


Strengthening Chile's Rule-Based Fiscal Framework; by Teresa ...

The rule built on the copper stabilization fund adopted in the late 1980s, which allowed government spending to evolve in line with sustainable copper revenues, valued at the Source: DIPRES


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