CHOA Technical Luncheon December 2010

8 December 2010 Central Plant Process Design Oil side •Inlet coolers and large vapor condenser •One de-sand vessel with water draw •One FWKO/electrostatic treater combination •Dilbit coolers prior to tankage •Dibit shipped to market via truck


Unconventional crude upgrading challenges

The synergy between the upgrader and refinery operation is recognised, with Encana Energy/ ConocoPhillips and Shell Canada Scott Sayles KBC Advanced Technologies Inc www.eptq.com PTQ Q4 2007 43 Bitumen SCO DilBit SynBit CokerBit Production method SAGD Same SAGD SAGD SAGD % diluent in blend, v% 0 0 30 50 50 ...


Braemar Steege Introduction to Oil Sands

How much is there? •Resources-173 billion barrels of economically viable oil, (500yrs)-Second to Saudi Arabia in global oil reserves. ... DILBIT Tank



vi-1 bitumen/c5+ (dilbit)..... vi-1 sco/bitumen (synbit) ..... vi-3 heavy crude markets.....


North West Upgrading Buyer-Seller Forum

5 Proven Process and Technologies 77,000 bpd Condensate and Naphtha 30,700 bpd LS Vacuum Gas Oil 9,900 bpd Butane 900 bpd Dilbit - 52,000 bpd Synbit - 25,000 bpd Bitumen Blend Feedstock ULS Diesel 36,500 bpd Condensate and Naphtha Condensate and Naphtha Condensate and Naphtha Condensate and Naphtha 30,700 bpd 30,700 ...


Government of Alberta BRIK Infrastructure and Bitumen Supply ...

There are 12 pipeline systems transporting dilbit, synbit, and SCO (made from bitumen) from three oil sands areas in Alberta (Athabasca, Cold Lake, and Peace River) to Edmonton and Hardisty.


Comments to the Department of State

A series of disasters over the summer, including a tar sands crude oil pipeline spill of over one million gallons of diluted bitumen (DilBit) into the Kalamazoo River in Michigan has exposed the challenges of transporting highly corrosive, acidic and potentially unstable DilBit through pipelines.


Bharat Bansal, Odette eng, rashid iqBal and rick nOrthup, kBr ...

To avoid this situation, many producers, as recently as a few years ago, are switching to synbit (synthetic crude + bitumen) instead of relying entirely on dilbit (diluent + bitumen).


Bitumen Markets and Economics - Energy Futures Conference ...

PADD 2 Netback Transport to Alberta Cold Lake Dilbit@Cold Lake US$59 -US$62 C$65 -C$69 Netback Calculation (Cold Lake ) (US$4.00) Quality Adjustment Dilbit@ Chicago US$63 US$66 Transport to Chi Maya @ Chicago US$66.35 WTI @Cushing US$75 Chicago (US$3.50/bbl) US$75 Maya @USGC US$62.85 (83.8% of WTI) 14 Maya Barry Rodgers ...


Extra Heavy Oil in Canada

5 Heavy Oil Upstream Conventional Oils Value Chain & Production Methods Condensate Dilbit Syncrude Synbit Syncrude Upgrader Naphta Dilbit Market Refinery Naphta Gasoline Diesel Etc. Asphalt Crude Mining Reservoir EHOSand Reservoir Cold EHO / HO Reservoir Hot EHO/Bitumen & Water emulsion Steam Reservoir Vapex Solvent Diluted EHO ...


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