In the longer term, there may need to be a more stable, open pricing mechanism for diluted blends. 1 dilbit = 20-30% condensate + bitumen; syn-bit = 50% synthetic crude + bitumen; syn-dil-bit = condensate + synthetic crude + bitumen Exec Summary.March 6 Page 2


Refining Heavy Oil

AICHE Chicago Symposium 10Oct06 Refining Considerations for Dilbit and SynBit z Poor quality in all boiling ranges-Significant residfraction with poor quality z Primary upgrading choices have big impact on cost, complexity, products, etc.-High sulfur, nitrogen, CCR and metals z Requires severe ...


Canada's Oil Sands - Opportunities and Challenges to 2015 ...

© Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada as represented by the National Energy Board 2004 Cat. No. NE23-116/2004E ISBN 0-662-36880-0 This report is published separately in both official languages.


GHG Emission Factors for High Carbon Intensity Crude Oils

Fuels Well-to-wheel Emissions (gCO2e/MJ) GHG % Increase vs. US 2005 Average Range Tar Sands (source: literature avg) Surface Mining 106 14% 8% to 19% Synthetic Crude Oil 116 25% 16% to 37% Dilbit 110 18% 9% to 24% Synbit 108 17% 13% to 21% Coal to Liquids (source: RAND) CTL 210 128% CTL with 85% CCS 94 2%-12% to 16% Oil Shale ...


Appendix: Life-Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Petroleum ...

Table 4-7: Comparison of WTW GHGs per MJ of premium fuel products refined from dilbit, bitumen, and SCO Study Extraction method Feedstock WTW GHG emissions (gCO2e/MJ 1) Percent change 2 Notes TIAX (2009) SAGD Bitumen 109--SCO 111 2% SCO from SAGD assuming coke is buried Dilbit, no recirculation 101 to 105 -4 to -7% Low ...


Senior Project Director Husky Energy Inc.

– Partner in new East Athabasca Highway – Midstream pipelines to/from Edmonton (diluent, dilbit) Midstream pipelines to/from Edmonton (diluent, dilbit) – Natural gas supply from TransCanada – Power supply by ATCO (new 240kV Blackfly Feeder System with 25kv


Analysis of Frequency, Magnitude and Consequence of Worst ...

Since DilBit is very viscous, the bulk crude oil will not likely migrate through the soil to groundwater in large quantities. However, if a small, underground leak remains undetected for an extended period of time, a large amount of benzene will be released with the DilBit.



v-5 synbit lcfs cost for 10% ci reduction over dilbit in midwest v-6 sco lcfs cost for 10% ci reduction over average in california v-7 sco lcfs cost for 10% ci reduction over sweet crude in midwest a-1 states / provinces with lcfs programs list of tables ii-1 price impacts of lcfs iii-1 u.s ...


JACOS Hangingstone Expansion Project: Volume 2 Part A - EIA

Source Name Quantity Sound Power Level (dB) Octave Band Centre Frequency (Hz) 31.5 63 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 8000 Pumps 3UU-P-101A Dilbit pump 1 101.7 102.7 103.7 105.7 105.7 108.7 105.7 101.7 95.7 3UU-P-102A Diluent pump 1 97.7 98.7 99.7 101.7 101.7 104.7 101.7 97.7 91.7 3UU-P-105 Recycle pump 1 76.7 77.7 78.7 80.7 80.7 83.7 80.7 76.7 70.7 3UU-P ...


Canadian Oil Sands

Steam Plant Steam Bitumen Gas CVG (Ci VG) Plant Gas (Casing Vent Gas) Steam Injection 2 Phase Gas/Liquid Separator DilBit (Diluted bitumen) DilBit Recovery (Diluted bitumen) 2-Phase Separator at the well head is used to separate gas from liquid


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