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RIG b b last e e r pro Quick Start Instructions

Tip: If you have any problem read the Digipan program "Help" on-screen, our manuals do not cover software operation. All software comes with its own specific documentation.


A Panoramic Tranceiving System for PSK31

Some adjustment of the microphone gain setting on the sound-card mixer recording control window may be needed as explained in DigiPan 's on-line Help.


HF Digital Mode Primer

Even though your human ear cannot sort out all the signals the PC sound card with the help of Digipan can. The water fall display area is your main point of control for most of the digital operations.


PSK31 The Easy Way

Read the installation instructions carefully to avoid software conflicts, or ask a friend to help you with the installation of the card if you are new to computers. DigiPan is now ready to run with your transceiver or receiver if you are a SWL.


USB Digital Interface - Cable Interface Listing - Warning

In DigiPan, for example, you would enter these numbers in the "Configure - Sample Rate Corrections" menu. Other programs have similar options - See your program's Help documentation for details.


Introduction - Sound Card Packet

the best troubleshooting help, I suggest you subscribe to a special AGWPE Yahoo Group email list to ask for help from other AGWPE users and even the author, George, SV2AGW.


What is PSK31

Probably, the most popular program is DIGIPAN. DIGIPAN http://www.digipan.net/ Manual for DIGIPAN http://kk7uq. com/html/manual. htm HAMSCOPE http://www.qsl ... dxlabsuite.com/win warbler W1SQLPSK http://www.fa ria.net/w1sql/download.htm Before you go on the air, be sure you read the user's manual or the help ...


PSK31 Interface

PSK31 Interface This interface circuit is a compilation of the information contained in the HELP files found with the distribution of digipan 1.6d with some changes mainly due to available parts from the "junque box" and or improvements due to the simplicity of the above mentioned descriptions.


PSK for Beginners

First, go on the Internet and download the latest version of the Digipan program to your computer (just follow the links and instructions). ... Check out the help file for lots of good ideas and information. There's a lot to learn to the program, and I recommend playing around in the ...


OK1IAK Morse/PSK Reader

(Scrape side of the can a little to help make solder stick to it.) C6, C8, C9 4.7 ufd 16V electrolytic Observe polarity, long lead is plus. ... The PSK decoder works very much the same way as in Digipan or PocketDigi.


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