1 the kenya diaspora conference: washington d.c. usa october 7­9 2011 government logo diaspora logo venue: marriot wardman park 2660 woodley road nw, washington d.c. 20008 theme: identifying opportunities for the diaspora under vision 2030 official programme


Theme: Identifying Opportunities for the Diaspora

2 Background and Justification The Government of Kenya has ratified the Amendment to the African Union (AU) Constitutive Act Article 3 (q) that "invites and encourages the full participation of the African Diaspora as an important part of our continent in the building of the African Union."


The 'diaspora'diaspora

The 'diaspora'diaspora Rogers Brubaker Abstract As the use of 'diaspora'has proliferated in the last decade, its meaning has been stretched in various directions.


Diaspora for Development in Africa - ISBN: 9780821382585

African countries, including those in North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, have over 30 million international migrants. The size of the African diasp ora, including unrecorded migrants and second- and third-generation migrants, is significantly larger.


Social Remittances of the African Diasporas in Europe

10 - To investigate and assess the existing social remittances thatthe African diaspora organisations, groups and individuals currently possess; ...


The Cuban Diaspora in the 21st Century

Table of Contents Preface ..... 5 Summary ..... 7 Introduction ..... 11 A Better, Shared Future ...


Science & Technology

428 At the individual level, Scientists and Technologists of Indian Origin (STIOs) have been usefully interacting with their counterparts in India over the last several decades.


Migration and Development Brief

1 February 1, 2011 Preliminary Estimates of Diaspora Savings By Dilip Ratha and Sanket Mohapatra Preliminary estimates, based on data on bilateral migrant stocks for 2010 and assumptions about migrant incomes, suggest that annual diaspora savings of developing countries could be in the range of ...


Rapport de la CIDB

INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF BURUNDI DIASPORA Burundi Diaspora at the heart of multilateral relations for development Stavanger (Norway), 26th - 28th June 2009 Narrative Conference Report NORWEGIAN MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS - BURUNDI SENATE - HÅ MUNICIPALITY - ORG.


The Uses of Diaspora

One of the more vexing problems of recent historical work on black culture and politics in an international sphere is that the term diaspora , so attractive to many of our analyses, does not appear in the literature under consideration until surprisingly late after the Second World War.


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