Depo Provera Schedule Chart


DMPA (DEPO PROVERA) ... This will be documented in the chart. B. Administering the injection of Depo Provera 1. Client may be given her injection: a.

Depo-Provera Perpetual Calendar

0017dep/perpetual cal/r9/rg 0017dep/perpetual cal/r9/rg. 4-TIMES-A-YEAR DOSING FLEXIBILITY [based on 3-month (13-week) dosing intervals, with the flexibility of dosing between weeks 11 and 13] GIVEN DUE Jan1 Mar 19-Apr2 Jan2 Mar 20-Apr3 Jan3 Mar 21-Apr4 Jan4 Mar 22-Apr5 Jan5 Mar 23-Apr6 Jan6 Mar ...

D EPO PROVERA(3- Month Shot) - What is Depo Provera?

Depo-Provera is a very private form of birth control: it can’ t be seen on the body and requires no home supplies. ... Many women find it useful to schedule their next shot slightly earlier than necessary.


Depo Calendar.xls. Given Due Given Due Given Due Given Due Janurary 1 March 25 February 16 May 10 April 3 June 25 May 19 August 10 Janurary 2 March 26 February 17 May 11 April 4 June 26 May 20 August 11 Janurary 3 March 27 February 18 May 12 April 5 June 27 May 21 August 12 Janurary 4 March 28 ...

Depo-Provera® Contraceptive Injection

DESCRIPTION DEPO-PROVERA Contraceptive Injection contains medroxyprogester one acetate, ... The efficacy of DEPO-PROVERA Contraceptive Injection depends on adherence to the dosage schedule of administration. HOW SUPPLIED DEPO-PROVERA Contraceptive Injection ...

SD Depo-Provera Consent Form

SOUTH DAKOTA DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH OFFICE OF FAMILY HEALTH Chart #_____ DEPO-PROVERA CONSENT FORM I_____, hereby acknowledge that I was given an opportunity to ask questions about all forms of birth control, meaning all prescription, non-prescription, and natural methods.


... $50 Copayment Removal of Norplant $20 Office Visit Copayment Depo-Provera Injection $20 Office Visit Copayment Depo-Provera Medication ... This is a Schedule of Benefits and its enclosures constitute only a summary of the Health Plan.

Methods of Birth Control

The chart on the following page provides an overview of the following contraceptive options. ... Depo-Provera Available at UHS. Schedule an appointment with

Health Clinic Hours of Operation

... Please sign in at the front desk for immunizations and bring your chart to immunizations ... and then bring your record & Depo-Provera to ... on Parker Flats Cut-Off Road TRICARE is located in building 4399 on right side of road TRAVIS AIR FORCE BASE SHUTTLE SCHEDULE The Travis ...

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Schedule 8 Drugs.....70, 71 Specific Individual Injuries ... • Allergy case history sheet and skin test reaction chart. ... and Depo Provera are thick solutions and

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