Amritmahal, Hallikar, Deoni and Khilari are the prominent cattle breeds in Karnataka. The attainable yield per lactation is reported to be 542 Kgs for Hallikar, 880 Kgs for Deoni, 215 kgs for Khilari and about 500 Kgs for Amritmahal.

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Ongole • Breeds of cattle in Andhra Pradesh and their development: • In Andhra Pradesh the important breeds include Ongole, Malvi, Deoni, Hallikar

Brain: Different Types of Relaxation and Angiography

References: [1] Deoni et al., MRM 49: 515-526 (2003); [2] Deoni et al., MRM 51: 194-199 (2004); [3] Schmitt et al., MRM 51: 661-667 (2004) ; [4] Deichmann, MRM 54: 20-27 (2005); [5] Whittall et al., MRM 37: 34-43 (1997), [6] Wansapura et al., JMRI 9: 531-538 (1999), [7] Hanzhang et al., JMRI 22: 13-22 ...

रतततत ससससररर रकाकाका

LATUR DISTRICT AT A GLANCE 1. GENERAL INFORMATION Geographical Area: 7157 sq. km. Administrative Divisions (As on 31/03/2007): 10 talukas; Latur, Ahmedpur, Udgir, Nilanga, Ausa, Renapur, Chakur, Shirur-Anantpal, Deoni and Jalkot.

State of Environment, Andhra Pradesh

The Deoni is ideally suited to the harsh dry climate, and meets requirements of fraught, milk and dung. There is a continuous decline in the Deoni population.

Multiple Sclerosis Imaging Integrated Neuroscience Session ...

... MD, Cleveland, OH Invited Speaker Session: 4:30 - 6:00 PM 4:30 - 4:50 PM Microvascular Changes Associated with MS Lesion Formation - William Rooney, PhD 4:50 - 5:10 PM Whole-Brain Relaxometry and Myelin Water Imaging: Techniques and Applications to MS and Other Neurological Disorders - Sean Deoni, PhD 5 ...

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Menke RA, Scholz J, Miller KL, Deoni SCL, Jbabdi S, Matthews PM, Zarei M (2009). MRI characteristics of the substantia nigra in Parkinson’s disease: A combined quantitative T1 and

Microsatellite analysis of Kangayam cattle (Bos indicus) of ...

The mean expected heterozygosity value is comparable to that of Umblachery (0.61) cattle (Karthickeyan et al., 2007); Sahiwal (0.61), Hariana (0.66) and Deoni (0.70) cattle (Mukesh et al., 2004); as well as Krishna Valley (Karthickeyan et al., 2006), the other Indian cattle breeds.

Aerobic Composting Technologies: Process Options

7 • Using earthworms to breakdown organic matter into natural fertilizer/soil conditioner Vermicomposting Images: , , Case Study: ECARU ...


Red Sindhi and Deoni had short calving intervals [15 months). In African cattle. the calving interval was lower than in Indian breeds except in N'dama

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