Medical care for dementia

3.1 Medical Care Early Stages of Dementia Goal • The person receives optimal medical care related to diagnosis, treatment and ongoing care Key Assessment Issues Possible Interventions General • Difficult for primary physician to identify memory issues in a routine medical exam • Physician ...


CLINICAL ASSESSMENT OF DEMENTIA 1. Overview: The Neuroanatomy of Cognition Assessment of dementia requires a set of skills and knowledge that span several clinical domains.


History History  Careful and accurate history  Careful and accurate history  Distinguishing exceptional symptoms from  Distinguishing exceptional symptoms from complaints due to age complaints due to age-related cognitive decline-related cognitive decline  Assess the patient for ...

48. Screening for Dementia

531 Burden of Suffering Dementia is usually defined as global impairment of cognitive function that interferes with normal activities. 1,2 Although impaired short- and long-term memory are typical of dementia, deficits in other cognitive functions in addition to memory (e.g., abstract thinking ...

Dementia Evaluation and Treatment

John Frederick MD 3/10/2008 Primary Care Evaluation of Dementia 1 Dementia Evaluation Dementia Evaluation and Treatment and Treatment John Frederick MD Acting Assistant Professor Harborview Medical Center Seattle, Washington Dementia Evaluation •Assessment •Cognitive Screening Tests ...


Alcohol-induced dementia is the third or fourth most common type of intellectual ALCOHOL INDUCED DEMENTIA

Topic: Delirium, Dementia, and Aging

Topic: Dementia I Teaching Faculty: Anthony Li. ndsey, MD Reading Assignments: Chapter 6 . STUDENT OBJECTIV. ES: 1. Differentiate between delirium and dementia (acute and chronic or

Health Care Professional's Role

A ccording to the US Department of Transportation's 1999 National Highway Traffic Administration report, Safe Mobility for Older People, "drivers with dementia are less likely to report driving problems than cognitively unimpaired drivers, and their perception of their driving ability does not ...

OSBN CNA 2 Dementia Care Curriculum approved June 17, 2010

Oregon State Board of Nursing Policy Document ● CNA2 Dementia Care Curriculum 06/17/10 Page 1 of 8 Curriculum Content for Certified Nursing Assistant


AAN Guideline Summary for PATIENTS and THEIR FAMILIES SCREENING AND TREATMENT FOR DEPRESSION, DEMENTIA, AND PSYCHOSIS WITH PARKINSON DISEASE Depression, dementia, and psychosis are common in people with Parkinson disease.

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