Food safety technicians learn new methods and techniques for ...

A volunteer teaches lab technicians modern and rapid food safety tests "It was a wonderful experience, we are now highly motivated to work after Dr. Pao's visit," said Ana Delmi de Melara, chief of the Laboratory of Integral Quality's Microbiology Unit.

New Hope Children's Foundation

Elvis is 8 years old, his sister Delmi (standing next to him) is 10 years old. These two children do not have a mother and do not know their father.

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M. Delmi 09:40-09:50 Triple or Double Arthrodesis indications technique T. Leemrijse 09:50-10:00 Isolated fusions around the hindfoot J.A. Colombier

JOB ANALYSIS: An Important Return-to-Work Tool

JOB ANALYSIS: An Important Return-to-Work Tool Presented by Delmi Hernandez, WCD

Hammer Toe Surgical Correction

Hammer Toe Surgical Correction Arthrodesis of the Proximal Interphalangeal (PIP) Joint Using a New Shape Memory Intramedullary Implant. Marino Delmi, MD Foot & Ankle Centre, Clinique des Grangettes, 1224 Chene-Bougeries/Geneva, Switzerland

Malnutrition in hospital: the case of the stroke patient

(Bastow et al. 1983; Delmi et al. 1990), recovery from surgery (Windsor & Hill, 1988), and in critically-ill patients (Giner et al. 1996). The length of hospital stay is increased

All Americans place 4th in national competition

BY GWENDOLYNE LOERA Times staff writer The lengthy practices paid off for 29 girls of the Laredo All American Team who were recently awarded the fourth place trophy for their performance in the 1998 Junior Division of the NCA-All Star National Championship in Dallas.


While dietary protein intake increases urinary calcium excretion, it should be recognized that inadequate protein intakes (34 g/day) have been associated with poor general health and poor recovery from osteoporotic hip fractures (Delmi et al., 1990).

Malnutrition in older adults

Delmi M, Rapin CH, Bengoa JM. Dietary supplementation in elderly patients with fractured neck of the femur. Lancet . 1990;335:1013-1016. 24. Sullivan DH, Nelson CL, Bopp MM, Puskarich-May CL, Walls RC.

Hammer Toe Surgical Correction

Marino Delmi, MD Foot & Ankle Centre, Clinique des Grangettes, 1224 Chene-Bougeries/Geneva, CH-Switzerland Figure 1 Kirschner wires fixation for arthrodesis of the PIP.

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