R. V. Park Rent Laws

"Defaulting tenant" means a tenant who fails to pay for his or her occupancy in a park or fails to comply with reasonable written rules and regulations of the park given to the person upon registration or during the term of his or her occupancy in the park. 799.25 .


A Market Quotation is determined on the basis of quotations from leading dealers ( i.e ., Reference Market-makers) in the relevant market selected by the party determining a Market Quotation (the Non-Defaulting Party in the case of the Lehman bankruptcy) .


website report-robandra.xls. establishments defaulting 10 lakhs & above as on 30/06/2010 (r.o. mumbai-i) sr. no. code no.

ISDA ® Research Notes

The result Why close-out netting is necessary If close-out netting is not enforceable Recovery ≤ $800,000 Transaction 1 = $1,000,000 Transaction 2 = $800,000 Net payment = $200,000 Non-defaulting party Defaulting party Defaulting party Non-defaulting party Pay $1,000,000 Close-out netting under Sec. 6 of 2002 ISDA ...

Unsecured Creditors May Claim Post-Petition Attorneys' Fees

, 209 F.3d 125 (2d Cir. 2000). 4 Given the precise language used by the Second Circuit in Ogle, it may be desirable to draft clauses calling for defaulting counterparties to pay non-defaulting parties' attorneys' fees as "indemnifications," as opposed, simply, to a covenant.

Illinois Department fFinancial and Professional Regulation

Choon Y. Jun, Skokie ­ massage therapist license (227­006602) placed in refuse to renew status after defaulting on her Illinois student educational loan.

Loan, Hardship and Unforeseeable Emergency Procedures

TSA Loans—What you can take DCP Loans—What you can take • $1,000.00 minimum loan amount • Up to ½ of total TSA balance not to exceed $50,000.00 • Defaulting on a loan prevents you from taking any future loan.

Headnote: The proposition that a defaulting purchaser at a ...

David J. Simard v. Elizabeth A. White, et al. No. 96, September Term, 2003 Headnote: The proposition that a defaulting purchaser at a mortgage foreclosure sale is entitled to receive the excess funds, ( i.e. , the difference of the bid price at a resale above the bid price at the original sale ...


Any personal property transferred shall have its value deducted from the gross value transferred prior to computing the tax. 710:30-1-5.Use of documentary stamps on conveyances by defaulting mortgagee; exemptions (a) Unless otherwise exempt, a conveyance by a defaulting mortgagee in consideration of ...

Sovereign Default and Debt Renegotiation

Associated with the enormous growth of sovereign debt markets have been the recurrent large-scale sovereign debt crises. 1 To resolve debt crises in the absence of an international government bankruptcy law, the defaulting countries and lenders usually rene-gotiateoverthe reduction of defaulted debt. 2 ...

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