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Provider Access to DCF Web Portal

New Provider Access to Background Screening Results through DCF Web Portal DCF has developed an internet Florida Web Systems Portal that will allow providers to



DCFTracker is accessed through the DCF Web Systems Portal. b. The Tivoli Identity Manager (TIM) exists for Information Technology management of user access.



The Systems listed on the left are the various DCF applications you have been authorized to access via the DCF Web Systems Portal. Select/Click on "ILF - FS" to access Imaging Lite File.


Guidelines for the University

Therefore, the colleges data i.e. (DCF-II) would be filled only after the university uploads its information i.e. DCF-I on the portal. 9. Latest version of Adobe Reader (Adobe 10.0 or higher) should be installed on the Computer for enabling all the features of the DCFs.


Florida Medicaid Eligibility and Medicaid Services

ACCESS to Eligibility Prescreening Tool -to determine if you or your loved one might be eligible for Medicaid: http://www.dcf.state.fl.us/ess/ Al f ... Medicaid Handbooks Mdiidhdbk ilbl tthflli b Medicaid handbooks are available at the following web address: http://portal.flmmis.com/FLPublic/Provider 48


Instructions for Creating a Sample List for a Child ...

DCF Portal, cont. Once you save your sample, you will be able to see the Upload Sample Case File List link. Download the template (.csv file) to your pc.


Department of Children

DCF Pamphlet 155-2 - SERV Version 10.1 7 - 1 Effective July 1, 2010 Chapter 7: Client-Specific Service Event Data Set - SERV I. General Policies and Considerations The Client-Specific Service Event (SERV) data set is used at the state level to collect and report the types and amounts of services ...


DYFS Adolescent Services Guide

Additional resource guides are available on the DCF portal page and the DCF Website. Such guides entitled Substitute Care Directory and the Division of Prevention and Community Partnership' Community Program Directory may be most useful.



Page 18 Starting Pinnacle 8 Application & Logging In To launch the Pinnacle 8 gradebook application, start your Internet Browser (Firefox v2.0 or higher, Internet Explorer 7 or higher, Safari v2.0.4 or higher, Opera, or Google Chrome) ▼ You need to access the Employee Portal ▼ Click on the A ...


Florida Medicaid Secure Web Portal User Guide

FMMIS/DSS/Fiscal Agent Implementation Florida Medicaid Secure Web Portal User Guide - Version 3.0 - April ... 4 Accessing the Department of Children and Families (DCF) Provider View Application.... 11 5 Understanding Page and Panel Layouts in the Web Portal ...


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