PCF8583 Clock and calendar with 240 x 8-bit RAM

1. General description The PCF8583 is a clock and calendar chip, based on a 2048 bit static CMOS 1 RAM organized as 256 words by 8bits. Addresses and data are transferred serially via the two-line bidirectional I 2 C-bus.

8-Bit Microprocessor

These are used to form the bus control timing, changed on both clock edges. This is the only unit that has registers synchronized on the falling clock edge. CAST, In c. Page 3 www.DataSheet4U. com www.DataSheet4U. com



8-bit Atmel Microcontroller with 4/8/16K Bytes In-System ...

3 2545T-AVR-05/11 ATmega48/88/168 1.1 Pin descriptions 1.1.1 VCC Digital supply voltage. 1.1.2 GND Ground. 1.1.3 Port B (PB7:0) XTAL1/XTAL2/TOSC1/TOSC2 Port B is an 8-bit bi-directional I/O port with internal pull-up resistors (selected for each bit).

Product Data Sheet

Product Data Sheet WCP-2 White Contrast Paint General Description WCP-2 is a ready to use, rapid drying white contrast paint used to provide a white background to enhance visible magnetic particle indications.

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Introduction Introduction Introduction Introduction---- 3859 and 3870 3859 and 3870 3859 and 3870 3859 and 3870 • Thanks to John Shaw, I have a pin diagram of the MK3870 and the MK38P70.

LCD Module Specification

Care should be taken not to touch connection areas to avoid burns. ② Protect CFL cables from rubbing against the unit and thus causing the wire jacket to become worn. ③The use of CFLs for extended periods of time at low temperatures will significantly shorten their service life. www.DataSheet4U ...

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www.DataSheet4U. com www.DataSheet4U. com www. DataSheet 4U DataSheet 4U DataSheet 4U DataSheet Z00607MA 6/6 Information furnished is believed to be accurate and reliable.

G150XG03 V0 SPEC 01202006

-20 to +60 Surface Treatment Hard-coating (3H), anti-glare treatment ROHS RoHS Compliance Note 1 :System should warm up for at least one hour

FSDL0165RN Green Mode Fairchild Power Switch (FPStm)

fairchild does not assume any liability arising out of the application or use of any product or circuit described herein; neither does it convey any license under its patent rights, nor the rights of others. www.datasheet4u. com

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