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Microsoft Word - D882_SOT-89_new.doc. D882 SOT-89 MAXIMUM RATINGS (T A =25 ℃ unless otherwise noted) Symbol Parameter Value Units V CBO Collector-Base Voltage 40 V V CEO Collector-Emitter Voltage 30 V V EBO Emitter-Base Voltage 6 V I C Collector Current -Continuous 3 A P C Collector Power ...


ASTM D882 Tech Note - Thin Film Tester

TestResources Inc - 680 Industrial Circle South - Shakopee MN USA 55379 1.800.430.6536 +1.952.944.6534 Fax +1.952.233.3682 www. testresources .com Copyright  2001 TestResources Inc. ASTM D882 Tech Note - Thin Film Tester Call TestResources 800 430 6536 Want Product information?


ASTM D882 - Tensile Properties of Plastic Sheeting

Test Results According to ASTM Standards as Performed and Reported by Structural Research, Inc. 0106 ASTM D882 TENSILE PROPERTIES OF PLASTIC SHEETING The physical property relates to the ability of a membrane to withstand stresses that might be imposed by building movement, wind uplift and ...


Physical Properties of Polyester Film Base

... Gravity 1.39 Young's Modulus 6.8 x 10 5 psi Poisson's Ratio < 1 year at room temperature 0.25 Tensile Strength Yield ASTM D882-67 13,500 psi Tensile Strength Break ASTM D882-67 25,600 psi Elongation at Yield ASTM D882-67 5.5% Elongation at Break ASTM D882-67 115% Tear Strength Initiation Graves Tear ASTM ...


ASTM Standards and Methods Employed by EPI to Test Degradable ...

EPI has developed a wide range of additives to incorporate into polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and polystyrene (PS) to control the use life, as well as the degradation rate in various disposal environments.


MoistureGard™ 2.0 Technical Data Sheet

Property Test Units Specifi cation Thickness Std micron 4.0-4.5 Weight Std g/cm2 0.9-1.0 Tensile CD ASTM D882-95A psi 2000-5000 Tensile MD ASTM D882-95A psi 3000-6000 1% Secant CD ASTM D882-95A psi 140,000-145,000 1% Secant MD ASTM D882-95A psi 145,000-155,000 Elongation CD ASTM D882-95A % 600-1100 Elongation MD ASTM D882-95A ...


Scotchshield ™ Ultra Safety and Security Window Films

... (ASTM D882-95a in PSI) 30,000 PSI (2.07 x 10 8 Pa) 3.5 Nominal Elongation (ASTM D882-95a in stretch %) 140% 3.6 Nominal Break Strength (ASTM D882-95a in lbs./inch width) ...


Plastics Specific Test Instructions

Plastics Specific Test Instructions Tensile Properties of Films (Secant Modulus) Analysis: 775 - 776 Test Method: ASTM D882 Pack: FB Properties Measured: ...


Illuminex* DL4251 Diffuser Sheet Product Datasheet

... astm d257-99 / iso 60093 astm d1003 / iso13468 astm d1003 / iso14782 astm e1331 / cie1964 astm e1331 / cie1964 astm d882 / iso 527 astm d882 / iso 527 astm d882 / iso 527 astm d882 / iso 527 astm d882 / iso 527 astm d882 / iso 527 no visual defect " " astm d1003 / iso 13468 astm d1003 ...


D882 NPN Epitaxial Silicon Transistor

AUDIO FREQUENCY POWER AMPLIFIER LOW SPEED SWITCHING. D882 NPN Epitaxial Silicon Transistor Elite Enterprises (H.K.) Co., Ltd. Part No.: D882 Flat 2505, 25/F., Nanyang Plaza, 57 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, H.K. Tel: (852) 2723-3122 Fax: (852) 2723-3990 Email: info@elite-ent.com.hk Page: 1 / 1 AUDIO ...


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