Dental Code Changes

Table 1.1 Coding and Billing Information Procedure Code Description Replacement Code Description D0130 Emergency oral examination D0140 Limited oral evaluation - problem focused Z3210 Therapeutic apical closure ...


Covered services and limitations module

• Limited oral evaluations (CDT D0140) are recommended every six (6) months.


Dental Service Code Groupings with CDT-4 Codes

... Mixed Dentition for Cleft Palate and/or Cleft Lip Orthodontic Services D0140, D0210, D0330, D0340, D0340, D0350, D0470, D8080, D8670, D8680 SCG 05 ...


Procedure Code Description

procedure code procedure code description rate d0120 periodic oral evaluation $10.00 d0140 limited oral evaluation-problem-focused $10.00 d0145 oral evaluation for a patient under the age of three years of age and counseling with primary caregiver $20.00 d0150 comprehensive oral evaluation $20.00 d0160 ...




Dental Procedure Guidelines

- The alternate benefit of D0140 is applied, refer to D0140 guidelines for benefit and time limitations. - This procedure code is not to be used for a post-operative visit and for follow up to "nonsurgical" definitive care such as root canal treatment or seating of a crown.


Dr. Rosenthal's Toolkit: Management Information System (MIS)

RVUsFINAL.xls. Dr. Rosenthal's Toolkit: Management Information System (MIS) CODE DENTAL PROCEDURE RVU DIAGNOSIS D0120 Periodic Oral Evaluation-age 10 and under 1 D0120 Periodic Oral Evaluation-greater than age 10 1.5 D0140 Limited Oral Evaluation.


New CDT-4 Manual of Criteria (MOC)

limited oral evaluation-problem focused (D0140), b. comprehensive oral evaluation- new or established patient (D0150), c. detailed and extensive oral evaluation-problem focused, ...


The MetLife Federal Dental Plan

Diagnostic and Treatment Services D0120 Periodic oral evaluation - Limited to 1 every 6 months D0140 Limited oral evaluation - problem focused ...


Coding and Payment Guide for Anesthesia Services

An essential coding, billing, and payment resource for anesthesiology and pain management


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