CyberbullyNOT Student Guide to Cyberbullying

Tell the cyberbully to stop. Send the cyberbully a private message stating something like this: "Stop sending me messages" or "Remove the material you posted."

Cyberbullying Legislation and School Policies

- 1 - Cyberbullying Legislation and School Policies Where are the Boundaries of the "Schoolhouse Gate" in the New Virtual World? Nancy Willard, M.S., J.D. Center for Safe and Responsible Use of the Internet Web sites Email ...

CYBERBULLY Conversation Starter

CYBERBULLY Conversation Starter We created these questions to help you start a conversation with your friends around the issues that come up in ABC Family's original movie, Cyberbully.


The incredible scope of the Internet means that a cyberbully can reach millions with the click of a mouse. "Rather than just some people, say 30 in a cafeteria, hearing them all yell insults at you, [a Web page] is up there for 6 billion people to see," David Knight told a Canadian TV reporter.

Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying The i-SAFE America research team has discovered a disturbing trend—cyber bullying has affected more than half the students surveyed, on both sides of the issue.

Bullying Without Borders EDUCATORʼ - Generation Cyberbully

Program Summary Cyberbullies use technology -- such as social networking sites and cell phone text messaging -- to be cruel to others. Cyberbullying can happen anywhere and at anytime.

State Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying Research Center C y b e r b u l l y i n g F a c t S h e e t 2 STATE DETAILS Alabama The Alabama Student Harassment Prevention Act HB 0216 PDF www.BullyPolice. org/AL_law2009HB0216.pdf Schools must develop policies to help with harassment, includes electronic ...

"Cyberbullying: Effects on Teens Across the Nation" Social ...

A daily news broadcast for High School and Middle School students now under development by MacNeil/Lehrer Productions

www.stopcyber bullying. or g

www.stopcyber bullying. or g _____ Why do kids cyberbully each other? Who knows why kids do anything?


CYBERBULLYING - TEACHER'S GUIDE Learning Objectives • Students will understand the meaning of cyberbully. • Students will learn to recognize different forms of cyberbullying.

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