Culvert Wing Wall Design


Wing wall lengths for Type E wings are based on a minimum channel slope of 1.5 to 1. (4) Wing Wall Design | Culvert wing walls are designed for an equivalent fluid pressure of 60 pcf (9.4 kN/m 3) and a 12" (300 mm) surcharge.

Chapter Seven Culvert, Rigid Frame and Arch Design

DelDOT Bridge Design Manual May 2005 Culvert, Rigid Frame and Arch Design 7-1 Chapter Seven Culvert, Rigid Frame and Arch Design 7.1 ... DelDOT Bridge Design Manual May 2005 Culvert, Rigid Frame and Arch Design 7-9 Figure 7-3 Typical CIP Cutoff Wall

Design Guidelines for Stifflegs and Box Culverts (LRFD)

The edge beam should be designed as a simple span with a span length based on center-of-wall to center-of-wall along the skew. Culvert Span 1/2 Culvert Span Edge ... Wing Wall Design Live load surcharge shall be applied where vehicular load is expected to act on the surface of the backfill within a distance ...

AED Design Requirements: Culverts & Causeways

Where headwalls, wing walls or mitered ends are used, the culvert ends should be extended a sufficient distance from the travel lanes so that there ... MRRD culvert standard drawings provide details of aprons and cutoff wall design. See MRRD standard reinforced box culvert drawings DCV-05 and 06.

Chapter 4 - Design of Culverts

Table 4-3 Manning's n Values Type of Conduit Wall & Joint Description Manning's n ... Design of Culverts 4 - 20 Drainage Criteria Manual 4.8 Culvert Design Example Using ... Whenever increased inlet efficiency is needed or when a headwall and wing walls are planned to be used for a culvert ...


Precast wing walls will not be allowed. For culverts with less than 2 feet (0.6 m) of cover, design the precast culvert sections in accordance with AASHTO M273. ... Slab and Wall Thickness - Produce sections so that the slab and wall thickness are not less than ...


7272 16.2 Drop Inlet Wing Determination and Handrail Details ..... ... Preliminary Design of Bridges and Culverts" for information on additional information on culvert design. 2 ... end of the pipe shall extend a minimum of 6 inches (150 mm) past the inside face of the culvert wall.

Table 7-1. ** Culvert Design Symbols and Definitions

Knox County Tennessee Stormwater Management Manual * Volume 2 (Technical Guidance) 7.3 Culvert Design A ... Table 7-3. ** Manning's "n" Values (Source: USDOT, 1985) Type of Conduit Wall & Joint Description ... beveled rings 9 wingwalls with flare angles of 18 to 45 degrees 10 90 o headwalls (same for 90 o wing ...


... would be to construct a junction box adjacent to the culvert so that a length of pipe may be run perpendicularly into the culvert wall. If scour is prevalent, rip rap may be used in the front of the culvert wing. This recommendation will be provided on the Culvert Survey and Hydraulics Design Report.

Structural Design Manual for Improved Inlets

... and typical details for the component structures found in improved inlets, such as wing ... No pressure distribution is shown here, however, since metal culvert design is done by semi ... 5.1.1 Input Variables The following parameters are input variables in the program: Culvert geometry - span, rise, wall ...

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