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CU*BASE Report Overview COLLECTION FILE SUMMARY REPORT Collection File Summary Report Use these reports: As a quick summary to see loan progress by collector for a specific period of time To monitor the number and type of Memo Types associated with each account worked When ...

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Audit Link Report Overview ACTIVITY ON DORMANT ACCOUNT REPORT Activity on Dormant Account Report Why this is my favorite: This report is a must for monitoring activity on dormant accounts.

Pay Day Advance System - I NTRODUCTION - V IEWING THE H ...

Revision date: October 10, 2008 For an updated copy of this booklet, check out the Reference Materials page of our website: CU*BASE

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The first step is to tell us of your interest by contacting Geoff Johnson of LenderVP at [email protected] Our web team at CU*Answers will then contact you and help you determine a solution that is right for your credit union.

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Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Nadine Thomas, ext. 141 Betsy Rogers, ext. 235 Geoff Johnson, ext 154 for assistance or email the team at [email protected] .

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Karnes is an active commentator and contributor in the industry through forums such as and The CU*Answers team regularly participates in industry events, from


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