Quotes about the Red Cross from Presidents

"...enlist in the army of mercy mobilized under the banner of the Red Cross and contribute generously to the Red Cross..."--President Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1943 "In order to help meet a growing post-war need, which would be multiplied in the event of a national emergency, this agency has ...


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Pennsylvania Surveyor Cross Reference Directory by George H ...

COMPANY / NAME ADDRESS CITY ST ZIP CODE PHONE RECORDS CROSS REFERENCE ACER Engineers & Consultants *See ARRO Consulting Inc. Achterman Associates *See Gilmore & Associates, Inc.


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Pre 1900

Pre 1900 Swiss businessman, Henry Dunant, founded the Red Cross Movement after witnessing an 1859 battle outside the northern Italian town of Solferino.

Anthem Blue Dental PPO Plan

06-00029 (6/06) An independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield is the trade name of Rocky Mountain Hospital and Medical Service, Inc. ® Registered marks Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.


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Red Cross AnnRep05

SERVING AMELIA, CHESTERFIELD, GOOCHLAND, HANOVER, HENRICO, NEWKENT, POWHATAN AND RICHMOND Annual Report Fall 2005 REDCROSS INACTION B e it helping local house fire victims, aiding Katrina victims in the Gulf Coast, transporting the ill to chemotherapy or talking with the media, Warren Delaney is ...

Individual Application

*IU2138 7/10* IU21387/10 Thankyou for choosing Anthem Blue Cross for your health care coverage needs. Please use the following instructions to guide you in completing the application or goonlinenowto complete this application with our assisted application wizard. General ...

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