CROPLIFT BENEFITS OF CROPLIFT * A high analysis phosphate liquid fertilizer fortified with high concentrations of zinc, manganese, magnesium and copper in easy to use flowable solution * A foliar, fertigation and soil injection fertiliser for better crop growth and productivity * Croplift ...

SAFETY DATA SHEET - CROPLIFT Use / description of product

SAFETY DATA SHEET CROPLIFT Page 1 Issued: 09/07/2003 Revision No: 1 1. IDENTIFICATION OF THE SUBSTANCE / PREPARATION AND OF THE COMPANY / UNDERTAKING Product name: CROPLIFT Use / description of product: For professional use in agriculture.


Contains 0.5% copper. 11.2 21.3 3.3 1.1 N-Rich 22 A blend of MAP and urea, ideal for applying high rates of nitrogen and phosphorus. 21.7 14.8 1.0 N-Rich 28 A blend of MAP and urea, ideal for applying high rates of nitrogen and phosphorus. 27.8 13.0 1.0 CropLift 15 (CB28291) Useful for supplying nitrogen, phosphorus ...

Early Trace Element Options for Oilseed Rape - Autumn 2008

- 1-2 kg/ha Croplift will supply the following nutrients (g/ha): N P K S MgO. 200-400 80-160 140-280 50-100 20-40

Speciality Product Range

Speciality Product Range Yara UK Limited, Immingham, N. E. Lincolnshire, DN40 2NS Tel: 01469 554600 For further information please contact: John Keyte on 07831 120379 email: john.keyte@yara. com Tom DeCamp on 07831 282096 email: tom.decamp@yara. com David Barrett on 07831 120342 ...

Fertilizers for Recreational Areas Fact Sheet

... 5.2 14.1 6.0 Southern NSW, Victoria, South Australia Product Analysis %N %P %K %S Incitec Pivot Urea 46 Incitec SuPerfect 8.8 11.0 Incitec Pivot Muriate of Potash 50 Incitec Pivot Complete 5, 2 & 1 4.8 5.7 5.9 12.6 Incitec Pivot Complete 4, 4 & 1 9.0 3.9 5.6 15.3 Croplift 200 11.6 5.0 15.8 11.0 Croplift 800 8.0 10.6 10.0 7.1 Croplift ...

Cleancrop Amaize™

... 2-Way Mixes The following tank mixes have been tested for physical compatibility with Cleancrop Amaize and will mix at recommended rates: Herbicides Alpha Pendimethalin 330EC Aquarius Callisto Cinder Sherman Titus (approved varieties only) Tarot (approved varieties only) Others Bortrac 150 Coptrel 500 Croplift Magflo ...

Tank Mix List

... Goltix Uno and will mix at recommended rates: Herbicides Betanal Maxxim Betanal MaxxPro $ Debut + oil Dow Shield Falcon Leopard 5EC Manganese Liquid Metamitron Phenmedipham SC Powertwin* Shrapnel Solubor DF Twin*# Venzar Flowable# Others CoRoN Trace Elements and liquid fertilizers Beetrac Bortrac Coptrel Croplift Ferleaf ...

apho X pro Du CT u SE

Yara Vita Croplift Yara Vita Magflo 300 Yara Vita Mantrac *Always test first as some powdered manganese sulphates are physically incompatible.


Yara Vita Croplift Yara Vita Ferleaf Yara Vita Foliar Potash Yara Vita Liq MN 15% Yara Vita Magphos K Yara Vita Mancozin Yara Vita Mantrac 500

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