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Chapter quiz testing listening, vocabulary,and grammar Chapter 2: Standards: CRISS strategy: Writing templates: organized paragraph Framed writing assignment: Creating menu for a ...

Reading Strategies Enhance Comprehension in the Science Classroom

Similar to the K-W-L strategy, which supports the CRISS Principles of background knowledge, purpose setting, active learning, writing, and metacognition through the use of three guiding questions about a topic: • What do I know ?

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My favorite CRISS strategy for helping students to create these necessary connections between familiar words and new vocabulary is Power Notes. ... Writing Templates help a language student's proficiency soar.

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... Book Report Non-fiction Write a Descriptive Paragraph Non-fiction Write a Persuasive Essay Style-6 Traits ® and Style-CRISS ... Sequencing-Lesson 1 Strategy Sequencing-Lesson 2 Strategy Sequencing-Lesson 4 Strategy Sequencing-Lesson 5 List of Reading Strategy Lesson Outline Templates ...

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Microsoft Word - pdf portrait. Making Sense in Social Studies Copyright ©Raymond C. Jones. All Rights Reserved.

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Marzano-Criss Cross Matrix 1 Marzano Classroom Instruction that Works Project CRISS Strategies and Supporting Activities Identifying Similarities and Differences ... "Rule-Based" Strategy (p. 32) Summary Frames (p. 34) The Narrative Frame (p. 35) ... Writing Templates ...

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CRISS Principles CRISS strategy Code alignment with principle numbers Description of lesson and Metacognition Prompts Prepare a t-chart with the title "Do you like spiders?" ... such as in picture notes and writing templates.

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What's Inside? *rp_c1_L09_all_G O_r6.qxd Student Resource © Scholastic Red 2002 Graphic Organizers What's Inside?

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(Criss Strategy) February: Standards: 1 ... Columns Tabs within columns Forms with field codes Tables Text Direction Shading cells Forms toolbar Background colors Web page templates Bookmarks Bullets Clip Art/Photos Font formats Scrolling text Heading styles Horizontal lines Hyperlinks Tables Templates Themes Folders Saving Web toolbar ...

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CRISS Strategy of the Month In previous columns, ... Everything on the site is free, and there are many useful forms and templates for teachers, ...

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