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MANUAL CRANKSHAFT DEFLECTION GAUGES Used by Service Engineers, Repairmen, Crankshaft Grinders, Production Supervisors and Quality Control Inspectors, Crankshaft Gauges measure the Web Deflection of crankshafts in: * Ready-to-operate engines or compressors.

Utilizing crankcase deflection analysis to improve crankshaft ...

Utilizing crankcase deflection analysis to improve crankshaft design and engine performance crankcase.deflection.worldexpo07.10.doc Page 1 of 13 Steve Smith Vibration Free Oxford, UK. +44 1869 345535 ABSTRACT New instrumentation is being developed that allows for ...


CRANKSHAFT DEFLECTION GAUGE CONTROLmag ® I & II LEHMANN & MICHELS GmbH Co. KG Marlowring 4 D-22525 Hamburg/Germany Tel. +49 (0) 40 850 0061, Fax +49 (0) 40 851 1888, E-mail: * A n e a s y t o u s e d e v i c e t o m e a s u r e c r a n k s h a f t d e f l e c t i o n * ® ...

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Product sheet An easy to use software tool for Deflection Reading Analysis of Diesel Engines Excessive deflection may sometimes cause crankshaft breakage as well as uneven wear of the main and crank pin bearings.


Crankshaft Deflection Torque Reaction The tendency of the engine to twist in the opposite direction of shaft rotation and the tendency of the driven equipment to turn in the direction of shaft rotation is torque reaction.


hARD FACTs • a pleasant and clean operation compared to using the old dial gauge. • Download measurements to your computer to store, track, print and compare your engine wear. • measure deflections at the extreme precision of 0,001mm! • a wide range of accessories are available to the ...

Application of the strain gauge alignment technique on slow ...

In the case of 5S60MC-C for large bulk-carriers, the vertical crankshaft deflection target is between +0.06 mm and +0.22 mm. Figure 3 shows a crankshaft web deflection measurement being taken.

Crankshaft and Bearing Analysis Process at Cummins

2002 North American MDI User Conference Page 1 of 13 Cummins Crankshaft and Bearing Analysis Process Ilya Piraner, Christine Pflueger, Oliver Bouthier Cummins, Inc. 1.

Restoring Crankshaft Alignment - A Case History#39

like high vibration or a bad crankshaft web deflection is encountered. Just another example of the “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it” rule.


Fig. 4: Crankshaft FE model Figure 5 illustrates the difference between the two methods vis-à-vis the reactions provoked by an applied crankpin load on the respective main bearing journals of a four-cylinder engine crankshaft.

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