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Industrial Distributors - List for on-line -ARS.xls. Distributor City StateContact Number Website Alro Ind Jackson MI 517-787-5500 AIT ( Applied Industrial Technologies) Cleveland OH 216-426-4000 American Industrial/ Auto Body ToolmartElgin IL 800-382-1200 www ...

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Become an authorized distributor Craftsman Industrial is committed to meeting our customers' needs. We realize that each of us, along with our customers and suppliers, plays a critical role in the process of continually improving how we fulfill this commitment.

Craftsman Style Guide

Craftsman Style Guide (Photograph of two-story Craftsman house located on East First Street in Long Beach.) CRAFTSMAN STYLE (c.1900-c.1930) The Craftsman Style was the dominant style for smaller houses built throughout the country during the period from about 1905 until the early 1920s.

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TABLE OF CONTENTS Warranty.....P. 2 Save these instructions.....P. 2 Safety instructions.....P. 3 Assembly.....P. 4 Operation.....P. 5 & P. 6 Maintenance.....P. 7 Troubleshooting.....P. 8 Parts.....P. 8 Service.....Back cover WARRANTY CRAFTSMAN ONE YEAR FULL WARRANTY If this Craftsman product ...


CRAFTSMAN STYLE 1909 - 1918 An early style considered native to the California architectural tradition. Use of natural materials (wood and river stone) in a manner meant to harmonize with the easy flow of nature is characteristic of these low-profile homes.

CRAFTSMAN a portrait of the A ColleC tion by tadd myers

controlled robots and Chinese factories are churning out most of the products that feed the great machineofconsumption, along the less traveled backroads and in the dustier corners of economy, the craftsman keeps an older, slower, more picturesque kind of work alive.He, or she, shows up in the ...


92 Figure 102: MN 564, Spaulding house, early twentieth century, Lebanon vicinity. Craftsman The Craftsman style of the early - mid twentieth century shares with the Gothic style a progressive and populist ideology.


B) Check the following before installation of your new door. 2. Checking for the proper size of your door and opening prior to your start For a 5' door, the opening should be 60 1/8" wide x 80 1/8" high For a 6' door, the opening should be 72 1/8" wide x 80 1/8" high For a 8' door, the opening ...


SERIES 8500 PREMIUM DOUBLE HUNG WINDOW REPLA C EMENT The Series 8500 Double Hung is an exceptional combination of beauty, durability, efficiency and convenience making it our most popular window.

New or Restoration of Originals P.O. Box 20935 El Cajon, CA ...

The Craftsman New or Restoration of Originals P.O. Box 20935 El Cajon, CA 92021 (619) 447-9558 (619) 447-9597 FAX Raymond Wells Year: New Body: Price:

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