Cpt Code 20551

CBG Injections - Tendon, Ligament, Ganglion Cyst, Tunnel ...

Injections that include both the plantar fascia and the area around a calcaneal spur are to be reported using a single CPT code 20551. 7. Billing for Xiaflex™ ...


Injections, Therapeutic Local (DRAFT POLICY)

Note that this procedure has its own CPT code, 20526. ... and for Morton's neuroma do not involve the structures described by CPT code 20550 and 20551 or direct injection into other peripheral nerves but rather the focal injection of tissue surrounding a specific focus of inflammation on the foot.


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I am pleased to be able to report the following positive outcome re: Issue: Payment for 20550/20551 I have received several inquires regarding Medicare (FCSO) policies (LCD) on injection codes 20550, 20551. ... It is a bad thing when an LCD is written for a CPT code.


N.C. DMA: December 2008 Medicaid Bulletin

North Carolina Medicaid Bulletin December 2008 4 Attention: All Providers D enials for CPT Procedure Code 20551 CPT procedure code 20551 (injection(s); ...


Add-On Codes (R0071)

UnitedHealthcare Community & State reimbursement policies may use Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®*), Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services ... 20551, 20612 Code Description 842.01 Sprain and strain of carpal (joint) of wrist 842.02 Sprain and strain of radiocarpal (joint) ...


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• This means that CPT code 29877 should be reported to private payors when other arthroscopic knee procedures are performed and HCPCS code G0289 should be reported to ... • Work RVU= 0.75 • 20551 -Injection(s); single tendon origin/insertion • Work RVU= 0.75 • 20552 -Injection(s ...


RE: Quarterly Update to National Correct Coding Initiative ...

... The code describing disc decompression, CPT 62287, includes CPT codes 64400, 64402, 64405, 64408, 64410, 64412, 64413, 64418, 64420, 64421 which are in different regions, whereas the disc decompression code describes only the lumbar region.


A Few Coding Tips

CPT 20550 is described in the 2002 AMA CPT Manual as "Injection, tendon sheath, ligament, ganglion cyst" and CPT 20551 is a new code added this year for injection of a tendon origin/insertion.


Special Edition - Coding Supplement

Code 20551 ( Injection; tendon origin/insertion ) was established to describe therapeutic injection of a tendon at its origin/insertion. ... CPT code 82274 replaces code 86683 ( Antibody: hemoglobin, fecal ).


"Strictly Coding * " 2008

3 STATEMENT OF FACT: Just because a CPT or HCPCS code exists on Earth, ... 9 Injection Coding I am interested in knowing when CPT 20551 (injection; single tendon origin/insertion) should be used versus CPT 20550 (injection; ...


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