Application Note: Directional Couplers

The basic function of a directional coupler is to operate on an input so that two output signals are available. However, when the input is applied to the opposite port of an internally terminated coupler, only one output signal is produced. directional coupler characteristics.

Rebar Splicing and Coupling Systems

This reinforcing bar coupler requires NO threading, NO rotation of the rebar, NO crimping, NO special tools and NO specially trained on-site personnel.


ADVANTAGES: • Available in manual or hydraulic release models • Manual coupler can be quickly and inexpensively retrofitted for the hydraulic release • When used with Wain-Roy ® XLS buckets and tools, the XLS coupler provides a more secure fit that minimizes tool-to-coupler movement in ...

Quick Coupler Systems For Loaders

PRO SERIES The Pro Series 2000 ® coupler is designed for both 3-Arm and 4-arm loaders. This patented state of the art coupler incorporates design features that translate into specific user benefits, such as: • Single point hookup...operator friendly, truly "quick" coupling • Lowest CG ...

Selection Guide to Couplers

Military Standard Quick-Disconnect Coupler and Plug Design: During World War II, an easy-to-operate quick coupler design was adopted by the military to replace a diffi cult-to-connect pneumatic coupler design.

CoUpler priMer

The Kadee ® coupler primer will better acquaint you with the basics of the Magne-Matic ® coupling and uncoupling system. Kadee ® Quality Products Company is proud that its Magne-Matic ® couplers are regarded as "the hobby's most respected couplers," and in fact have become "The Standard by ...

Auto Coupler

Page iv AutoCoupler Installation and Operations Manual List of Figures List of Tables Table 1. Input/Output Electrical Connections 2 Table 2. Auto Coupler Dip Switch Settings 3 Table 3.

KitchenAid Blender Drive Coupling Installation

KitchenAid Blender Drive Coupling Installation NOTE: The black main drive coupler attaches to the motor shaft using left hand threads. Turning clockwise to remove; and counter clockwise to install.


OVER VIEW-SIDE ANGLE COUPLER The hydraulically-rotated side angle coupler is designed to maximize the tool handling capability of tracked and rubber tired excavators and standard and extendible-stick tractor-loader-backhoes while retaining the efficient mounting characteristics of rigid style ...

Technical Report - Large Scale Couplers

NMRA Large Scale Coupler Compatibility 1 Introduction The NMRA coupler compatibility working group has developed a Recommended Practice (RP) for future large scale coupler designs.

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