Countable and Uncountable Sets

Countable and Uncountable Sets What follows is a different, and I hope simpler, presentation of the material in Appendix 3ofGrimaldi. For practice problems you should do Exercises A-3, page A-34,1-6, 8.

TANF 402-1 RESOURCES - Countable

TANF 402-1 Section: RESOURCES Department of Public Health and Human Services TANF CASH ASSISTANCE Subject: Countable & Excluded Resources January 1, 2006 PUBLIC ASSISTANCE BUREAU Page 1 of 15 Supersedes: TANF 402-1, (7/01/03) References: ARM 37.78.102 and .401 GENERAL RULE--The equity value of ...

Countable and Uncountable Sets

Lemma1.1 If Sisboth countable and infinite, then there is a bijection betweenS and N itself. Proof: For anys∈S, we letf (s) denote the value ofksuchthatsis the kthsmallest element of S.


THE BASIC TRICHOTOMY: FINITE, COUNTABLE, UNCOUNTABLE PETEL. CLARK 1. Introducing equivalence of sets, countable and uncountable sets We assume known the set Z + of positive integers, and the set N=Z + [f 0 g of natural numbers.

Countable Sets

Countable Sets Definition. A set X is called countable if X ¶ N. Exercise: 1. Prove that the set of even integers is countable. 2. Prove that the set of rational numbers with denominator 2 is countable.


DEF: A set is countable IFF it is eitherflniteor countablyinflnite. NOTE: A set is countable IFF it is 1-1 with another countable set. THM: The set of lattice points Z 2 = f ( i;j ) : i;j 2 fintegersgg is countable.

Countable Sets

Cardinality MichaelB. Williams 1 Introduction Suppose we are given the task or orderinga collection of sets from \smallest"to \largest."If all of the sets are nite, then (in principle) this task is trivial: we order them based on how many elements are in each set, using the ordering of the ...

Basic Analysis on Countable Sets

Acknowledgements I would like to take this opportunity to thank some of the many people who helped this thesis get written, including Professor Dick Koch, who suggested and managed the whole project, Professors Peter Gilkeyand Bill Kantorwhoreadit, thought about it and provided suggestions and ...

Competitive Experience and Countable Competition - FAQs

National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics Eligibility Center Countable Competition / 11-10 1200 Grand Blvd. Suite 100, Kansas City, MO 64106 Competitive Experience and Countable Competition - FAQs What exactly is the competitive experience rule?

Resources and Qualifying for Medicaid

The value of a promissory note, loan, or mortgage established on or after April 1, 2007 is a countable resource unless the note, loan, or mortgage meets the following criteria: - It has a repayment term that is based on the individual's life expectancy (as determined by Colorado life expectancy tables).

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