Towards a Theory of Cruel Britannia: Coolness, Cruelty, and ...

THE INK on the theatre annals remains damp, the official story of 'nineties British theatre not yet agreed upon, the mythology not yet secure. Accounts remain torn between critics such as Michael Billington and Benedict Nightingale, who want to make a case for amovement with an impact akin to ...

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the perception of social, cultural, geographic or seasonal “coolness”. Whatever your cool is, there is a PURE COOL for you. And a more provocative tagline, “Are you PURE enough?” is in

Proof Reference is Cool Salem Press invites evidence of ...

Contact: Peter W. Tobey Email: Voice: (201) 968-9599 Press Release Proof Reference is Cool Salem Press invites evidence of general coolness in reference.

"We Real Cool": Toward a Theory of Black Masculine Literacies

Reading Research Quarterly • 44(3) 280 Framing Coolness In recent years, two perspectives have tended to dominate the discourse on coolness and black males.

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Four of My Secrets to Coolness

Four of My Secrets to Coolness Question: Sam, I really feel like my job is out of control. It seems like I am bouncing back and forth between different projects and different activities and different meetings.

coolness and convenience in the driver's seat

auto magic a wireless Bluetooth ® headset you can store and charge in one simple move. Jabra arrOW bluetooth ® Wireless Headset for Mobile Phones Coolness and convenience in the driver's seat Take your calls on the road in comfort and style with the new Jabra arrOW wireless bluetooth ...

Hands in Systemic Diseases

Raynaud's Phenomenon Raynaud's phenomenon (temporary spasm of the arteries in the fingers, resulting in coolness and bluish/purple discoloration - see Figure 1) may occur with rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus, and scleroderma, to name a few.

What is taste?

We found that chefs and food preparers had, on the average, significantly higher responses to the "coolness" of mint than did restaurant managers and most everyone else.

Operating Instructions

Inner leaking will affect the coolness of the air conditioning system directly, increases consumption of automobile, causes AC compressor to overheat,

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