Its or It’s? It’s So Confusing!

Name: _____ Its or It’s? It’s So Confusing! by Chris Conroy Just remember these simple rules: If you can replace the word with “it is” or “it has”, you always use the apostrophe!

More Confusing Messages From the Hypertension Treatment Trials

THE JOURNAL OF CLINICAL HYPERTENSION VOL. 8 NO. 1 JANUARY 2006 8 O ver the past 5 years, numerous hypertension treatment trials have been completed and reported. 1-8 A majority of these trials were initiated to distinguish one therapy from another in reducing cardiovascular (CV) events.

Pairs of Confusing Verbs (not just for foreign learners of ...

HOMEWORK FOR REVIEW SESSION 1 - CONFUSING VERB PAIRS page 1 of 2 5202 GRAMMAR (Übung; ECTS 3) Winter Semester 2003-04 Tuesdays 16-18 in A3 Wednesdays 8-10 in C29 Sara B. Young sara.b. young @anglistik. uni-gies www.uni-gies 1047 Pairs of Confusing Verbs (not just for foreign ...

Battery calculations can be confusing.

No.287 4/99 Battery calculations can be confusing. Battery calculations are sometimes intimidating but most submittals require the calculation if you are submitting any kind of fire bid specification.

Confusing Prosecutorial Discretion With Ethics: A Misguided ...

Confusing Prosecutorial Discretion With Ethics: A Misguided Proposal to Amend the Michigan Rules of Professional Conduct

Common Confusing Words

O NE IN A S ERIES OF G RAMMAR/ U SAGE T IPS FROM THE CTL A good writer cares about words and their distinctions. As Mark Twain said, "The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug."

Case Closed...or Confusing?

Grammar: Case Closed...or Confusing? A Quick Guide to the Three Cases Name: _____ © Case Closed...or Confusing?

Drug Product Names Can Be Confusing

in wrong-drug or wrong-dose errors. 1 Choosing a brand name can be critical to the success of a drug company's marketing efforts. The FDA does not evaluate all proprietary names for their potential to cause confusion and medication errors prior to product approval.

Confusing Kinships SCIENCE VOL 320 23 MAY 2008 1031 CREDIT: THANE PAPKE/UNIVERSITY OF CONNECTICUT, STORRS SPECIAL SECTION Confusing Kinships NEWS Understanding microbial evolution and ecology rests on a solid classification system, but coming up with one is difficult ALONG THE PARCHED SLOPES OF ...

CSSF 2004 Project Summary

I then chose the ones I thought were the most confusing. I decided to narrow my research to just over-the ?counter medications for the purpose of testing.

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