Condemnation of Easements

THE CONDEMNATION OF EASEMENTS by public agencies and privately owned public utilities presents special legal and appraisal problems. To understand these problems, you must first understand the nature of easements and the practices of the various acquiring agenc ies (the condemnors).


PRE-CONDEMNATION EFFECTS • Significantly expands condemning authority's appraisal disclosure duties • Confidentiality prohibition and notice • Bona fide offer required

Right of Way

ODOT Surveyors Conference Right of Way Process and Condemnation Oregon Department of Transportation March, 2006 Geometronics Page 1of 17 Right of Way Process and Condemnation Wes Smith Condemnation Liaison ODOT/DOJ Background Why I'm here today Discuss the origin of condemnation Discuss survey ...

Understanding the Condemnation Process in Texas

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TH - Eminent Domain and Land Valuation Litigation

CONDEMNATION OF EASEMENTS 20 TH. Annual ALI-ABA Course of Study . Eminent Domain and Land Valuation Litigation . Coral Gables, Florida . January 9-11, 2003

Condemnation and Compensation: Landowners' Rights and the ...

Condemnation of property for the Trans-Texas Corridor (TTC) is stirring controversy among landowners. Many feel their property is being taken without adequate compensation.

Supreme Court of the United States

i QUESTIONS PRESENTED When the Milwaukee Redevelopment Authority took by eminent domain the 11-story downtown building that housed the offices of Post 2874 of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) as a long-term lessee, the Wisconsin Supreme Court held 4 to 3 that—as a matter of law—the VFW was ...


The City of OKLAHOMA CITY Municipal Counselor's Office TO: Willa Johnson, Ward 7 Councilperson FROM: Daniel T. Brummitt Assistant Municipal Counselor DATE: July 19, 2006 RE: Condemnation of Private Property for Redevelopment The Federal Government, the State of Oklahoma, Oklahoma County, The ...

“The Complexities of a Condemnation Appraisal:

The Complexities of a Condemnation Appraisal Wayne L. Hunsperger, MAI, SRA CLE INTERNATIONAL PAGE H-1 EMINENT DOMAIN "The Complexities of a Condemnation Appraisal: Measure of Just Compensation; Discussion of Larger Parcel; Highest and Best Use (Before and After Condition); Land Use Regulations ...

Understanding the Condemnation Process in Texas

2 The new statute does not affect the authority of the following entities to take private property through eminent domain for: • transportation projects; • port authorities, navigational districts, or conservation or reclamation districts; • water supply, wastewater, flood control and ...

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