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Ten Great Academic Programs Master of s cience The 10-month M.S. program offers aspiring and experienced journalists the opportunity to study the skills, the art, and the ethics of journalism by reporting and writing stories that range from short news pieces to complex narrative features.

Travel Business Expense Report

BUSINESS PURPOSE DATE OF EXPENSE EXPENSE NO. REV. 101399 Columbia University in the City of New York. INSTRUCTIONS Please follow the procedure described below and provide supporting documentation as indicated.

A tutorial on MPEG/audio compression - IEEE Multimedia

A tutorial on MPEG/audio compression - IEEE Multimedia

Bi-Level Luminaire

Columbia's Bi-Level Luminaire is the perfect solution for stairwells, as well as other low-occupancy areas such as storerooms, restrooms, and parking structures.

10 Lying with statistics

10 Lying with statistics We prefer the term"statistical communication,"but the phrase"how to lie with statistics"isagoodhooktoget students thinking about the issues involved.

Original Kahn paper


MANAGING SMILE RISK PATRICKS. HAGAN ∗, DEEPKUMAR †, ANDREWS. LESNIEWSKI ‡, AND DIANA E. WOODWARD § Abstract. Market smiles and skews are usually managed by using local volatility models ala Dupire.

hiv aids handbook cover

Columbia students should contact GHAP (212-854-6655) for information about treatment with an HIV expert. This treatment is covered by the Columbia Health Insurance plan.

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