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Hydrofluoric acid (conc. ) DDDBDBBDDAAAA D DDDDC Key: A : Excellent resistance B : Fair to good resistance C : Poor resistance D : Not recommended Chemical Resistance Chart The list of chemicals is offered as a guide to the chemical resistance properties of the material shown.

Chemical Resistance Charts

Ratings— Chemical Behavior. Table - of - Contents Web Registration U.S. Toll-free: 800-323-4340 • Outside the U.S.: 847-549-7600 • www.coleparmer. com Canada 800-363-5900 • India 91-22-6716-2222 • UK 0500-345-300 1988 Chemical Resistance Charts Acetaldehyde—Aromatic ...

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The chemical resistance behavior of PALRAM PVC sheets is therefore simple to determine. The chemical resistance is expressed in terms of weight change (usually an increase) and volume change.

RULON J Chemical Resistance Data

RULON RULON J Chemical Resistance Data *Ratings: A = Acceptable NR = Not Recommended Revised July, 01 2 Warranty Information: All information contained herein is believed to be correct but is presented without any guaranty, warranty or representation of any kind, express or implied.

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Don't forget to review the Chemical Resistance Charts in the reference section at the back of this catalog. l Our Web site at offers a tubing selection guide, chemical resistance information, and additional technical support. FREE Certificates of Compliance Cole-Parmer will provide a ...

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PROPERTIES - CHEMICAL RESISTANCE • 1.888.CURBELL• Factors like temperature, concentration of the driving forces, duration and mechanical load are important criterions for the examinations of chemical resistance.


Cole-Parmer Instrument Co. 625 East Bunker Court 1-800-MASTERFLEX (627-8373) (U.S. and Canada only) ... Chemical Resistance: Exposed material is Line Voltage Limits: and vinyl paint, plastic, aluminum,

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Percentage weight gain of ABS exposed to chemical treatment..... 8 8. Comparison of CRREL chemical resistance ratings with those given in Cole-Parmer and Nalge catalogs..... 9 iii

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Excellent fluid purity, chemical resistance, and very low gas permeability. Autoclavable. Meets FDA and USP Class VI standards. Max temp: 500°F (260°C).

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Cole-Parmer Free phone: 0500-345-300 Fax: 020-8574-7543 1715 Timers TI Digital/Analog Stopwatches A 08758 ... offers greater scratch and chemical resistance. B Glow-in-the-Dark Stopwatch

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