Cockroach Management

D. H. Gouge, C. Olson, (University of Arizona); M. Rehm-Bowler , N. Enriquez, J. M. Rodriguez (AZ Dept. Environmental Quality). Integrated Pest Management Techniques for Cockroaches - 1 - Cockroach Management In Arizona there are five common cockroaches in Arizona: German, American, Turkestan ...


Cockroaches Jeffrey Hahn, Assistant Extension Specialist, Department of Entomology Mark Ascerno, Department Head, Department of Entomology There are four kinds of cockroaches that can infest homes in Minnesota, including German cockroach, brownbanded cockroach, American cockroach, and Oriental ...

American Cockroach

These cockroaches may be hiding in the sewer system, in the landscape, on the building, etc. The best time to inspect the building exterior is 1 to 2 hours after sunset — prime time for these large cockroaches to begin searching for food.

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Cockroaches move around at night; if you see roaches during the day, there are probably a lot of them around. Remember that just killing cockroaches won't keep them from coming back.


288 CHAPTER 5 • COCKROACHES CHAPTER 5 Cockroaches Unhygienic scavengers in human settlements Cockroaches are among the most common pests in many homes and other buildings.

Cockroaches - Cockroaches are flat, shiny insects with wings ...

Cockroaches Ecology Publication #97-424 ockroaches are sometimes found in schools, homes, supermarkets, warehouses and other buildings where food is stored or prepared.

Cockroaches Diagnostic Lab Note

Cockroaches Diagnostic Lab Note Phil Pellitteri-U.W. Insect Diagnostic Lab Cockroaches have been a uninvited indoor guests since prehistoric times.

Identification, Biology, and Control

COCKROACHES: Identification, Biology, and Control G.L. Piper, Ph.D., and A.L. Antonelli, Ph.D. Cockroaches are among the most disagreeable insects that must be dealt with by occupants of homes, apartments, or commercial establishments.


Cockroaches Cockroaches have survived for more than 300 million years. Ancient fossils had the same appearance as today's cockroaches: oval and flat with long legs and antennae.

Life History

How to control cockroaches: Good housekeeping and using an insecticide when keeping your home free of cockroaches. Yo forcing the dust into cracks and openings difficult to reach with a spray..

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