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Operational Description: The Combat

Operational Description: The Combat Operations Center (COC) AN/TSQ-239 (V) is the Marine Corps program of record for providing Command and Control capabilities to Marine Operational Forces.

Combat Operations Center (COC)

Kevin Holt USMC COC Project Lead 703-432-4183 Scotty Miller Strategic Business Development Kevin Chapman COC Program Manager (480) 441-3113 Mike Fallon Director, USMC Programs (480) 441-4279 Mike.Fallon@gdc4 Robert ...


The New GETT Family

The New GETT Family The GETT ( G enerator, E CU, T ent T railer) is an integral sub-system component to the USMC Combat Operations Center program.

Combat Operations Center (COC)

COC is the United States Marine Corps program of record for providing Command and Control capabilities to Marine Operational Forces wherever and whenever they fight.


STANDARDS: FULLY COMBAT READY (F), COMBAT READY (C), NOT COMBAT READY (N), NOT EVALUATED (NE) # MB AD STANDARD.1 Clearly states the mission of the patrol..2 Lists all members of the patrol, including attachments..3 Establishes the chain of command..4 Assigns positions and duties in elements and teams to ...


MARFORRES POWER TIDBITS MAY 2005 1 VIRTUAL POWER TEAM "POWER TIDBITS" IN SEARCH OF ALTERNATIVE POWER SOURCE SOLUTIONS Volume 2 Issue 2 (15 May 2005) This newsletter is published quarterly by the Marine Forces ...

Expeditionary Force Development System (EFDS)

UNCLASSIFIED UNCLASSIFIED COC CAPSET V • CAPSET V is the term for C2 requirements below the battalion and squadron-level COC and represents the integration of requirements down to the individual Marine-level --- essentially Company and below.

Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Command and Control (C2 ...

The Test & Evaluation lead will be responsible for coordinating, scheduling and overall conduct of the all MAGTF C2 Test events. Box 555171 Camp Pendleton CA 92055-5171

Carnage and Culture Discussion Guide

United States Marine Corps Professional Reading Program Page 1 of 12 Reading List by Grade Private A Message to Garcia by E. Hubbard Enders Game by O.S. Card First to Fight: An Inside View of the U.S. Marine Corps by LtGen Krulak MCDP 1 Warfighting Once A Marine: An Iraq War Tank Commander's ...

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