Since the American military did not officially operate in neutral Laos, CMSgt Etchberger a nd the other technicians had to leave the Air Force and become civilian employees of Lockheed Aircraft Services, which as a private company was allowed to operate in Laos.

First Sergeantry CMSgt Roger M. Ball

What's in a name? Many people, William Shakespeare for one, will tell you words in themselves don't have much meaning or value. "Would a rose by any other name still smell sweet?"

CMSgt Denise Jelinski-Hall

Chief Master Sergeant Denise Jelinski-Hall! Senior Enlisted Leader, National Guard Bureau! Chief Master Sergeant Denise M. Jelinski-Hall is the Senior Enlisted Leader for the National Guard Bureau.

Swamp Foxes return to Savannah CRTC

The SCANG News* August 2011, Page 3 Chief's Concerns CMSgt. Zane Wall, 169th FW/CCM Recruiting & Retention Officers: Authorized 141 Assigned 138 Percent Manned 97.9% Enlisted: Authorized 1 199 Assigned 1227 Percent Manned 102.3% T otal: Authorized 1340 Assigned 1365 Percent Manned 101.9% (as of July 15, 2011) Gains ...

MEMORANDUM FOR: All Charleston Chiefs’ Group members

Minutes recorded by CMSgt Mikolajczyk/typed by Fallaw Old Business: Coins: inventory of “Well Done” and Chief coins sold out - Suggestion to set a date and pay in advance for anyone wanting to buy coins - Get with Chief Fallaw to pre-order - Don’t know how much money we’ll have after ...


115 Back To Table Of Contents COLLEGE FOR ENLISTED PROFESSIONAL MILITARY EDUCATION Col Michael Gegg, Commander CMSgt Ralph Jennings, Vice Commandant Internet Address me/college.htm Mission: Provide the continuum of education necessary for the Air Force to develop ...

FADED MEMORIES - A letter from James Howell, CMSgt, USAF (CCT ...

CCT @ The Eye of the Storm NOTE: This online-only information was added to the CCT history after publication of The Eye of the Storm - A history of Combat Control Teams.

D R A F T *****

The next RCG meeting held on 8 Dec 11 at the Wellston starting at 1530. //SIGNED/ 26 November 2011// //SIGNED/ 26 November 2011// THOMAS A. HENRY, CMSgt, USAFR MICHAEL B. CRAIN, CMSgt, USAF Secretary President

Graphic support provided by. Greg Sharpe, TSgt Retired USAF ...

Written and edited by the Air Force Enlisted Heritage Research Institute staff. CMSgt Malcolm W. McVicar, Director William I. Chivalette, Curator TSgt Sharee A. Hileman, NCOIC Research and Heritage Center SrA Rouven Scheurer, Computer Support Administrator Graphic support provided by.

CMSgt (10E9) Selects

name afsc line-nr. cmsgt (10e9) selects name afsc line-nr acheson patrick l 8t000 254 adams monica l 8t000 309 ahlm charles e iv 2a6x0 72 alexander gerald l 4n0x0 11 allen aaron s 3d0x0 371 allen curtis w 2a6x0 97 allen janice e 8b000 362 anderson joe l 2a6x0 313 arbegast brian k 2m0x0 353 ...

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