Florida Food Fare

Florida Food Fare by Mary King Family & Consumer Sciences University of Florida / IFAS Sarasota County Extension Clams Description: American Indians used the purple lining from clamshells to make wampum (beads strung in strands, belts, or sashes and used for barter, ornamental, ceremonial and ...


LIFE HISTORY Reproductive Physiology and Strategy Softshell clams are dioecious and nonprotandrous (Brousseau 1978a). Shaw (1965) found no hermaphrodites in a sample of more than 800 clams; Lucy (1976) found 2 in a sample of 2,400.

ative clams can live 100 to 200 years, and they are the most ...

U.S. Department of the Interior. U.S. Geological Survey. Great Lakes Science Center. 1451 Green Road. Ann Arbor, Michigan 48105 (734) 994 -3331 .

Clams and Mussels

Wild Salmon Seafood Market Fishermen's Terminal 1900 West Nickerson Street Seattle, WA 98119 206-283-3366 local or 1-888-222-FISH toll free OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 10AM - 6PM Purchasing, Storing and Preparation of Live Clams and Mussels Clams : As our live clams are stored in ...


SUBCHAPTER 03K - OYSTERS, CLAMS, SCALLOPS AND MUSSELS SECTION .0100 - SHELLFISH, GENERAL 15A NCAC 03K .0101 PROHIBITED SHELLFISH AREAS/ACTIVITIES (a) It is unlawful to possess, sell, or take oysters, clams or mussels from areas which have been designated as prohibited (polluted) by proclamation ...


2 FREEZING CLAMS Freeze clams either in the shell or shucked. To freeze in the shell, simply place the live clams in moisture-vapor resistant bags.

Cook Inlet - Razor Clams

1 Southcentral Region Southcentral Alaska Alaska Department of Fish and Game Division of Sport Fish Recreational Fishing Series Cook Inlet Razor Clams


EARTHWORMS AND CLAMS A. PHYLUM ANNELIDA Annelida are segmented. They have a body cavity, called a coelom, which is found also in most animal phyla, including our own.

Common Clams, Cockles, Scallops, Oysters of

Alaska Alaska Pacific Razor Clam Siliqua patula Distribution: Bristol Bay to southern California Habitat: Intertidal zone, open coasts in sand Size: Up to 8" Identification: Long narrow shell, thin and brittle, olive green to brown color Butter Clam Saxidomus giganteus Distribution: Aleutian ...

Oregon's Bay Clams

Oregon's Bay Clams by Kenn Oberrecht Mollusks are invertebrates that typically have shells, called valves, of one or more pieces completely or partly enclosing their soft, unsegmented bodies.

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