North Carolina Smoke-Free Law:

N.C. Division of Public Health Page 1 12/18/2009 North Carolina Smoke-Free Law: Guide for Cigar Bars What is the smoke-free law? North Carolina's new smoke-free law prohibits smoking in many public places.

Cigar Smoker's Guide

a large one for home use and a smaller one for the office. The humistat will keep your cigars fresh, and should be checked once every week in order to maintain proper humidity and to keep your cigars from drying, cracking or smoking too hot.

Trends in Cigar Consumption Smoking Prevalence

21 Trends in Cigar Consumption and Smoking Prevalence T rends in C igar C onsumption and S moking P revalence Karen K. Gerlach, K. Michael Cummings, Andrew Hyland, Elizabeth A. Gilpin, Michael D. Johnson, and John P. Pierce INTRODUCTION The use of cigars appears to be on the increase in the ...

Please Fax Completed Petition To (800) 460-6207 Or, Visit www ...

Support H.R. 1639 & S. 1461 H.R. 1639 (and its companion bill S. 1461), both filed under the banner of the Traditional Cigar Manufacturing and Small Business Jobs Preservation Act, will protect the small businesses and jobs that make up this fragile, intimate premium cigar industry.

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One Lake Drive • Lake Harmony, PA 18624 • 1.800.255.7625 [email protected] BY CAR From Philadelphia -Northeast Extension of the Pennsylvania Turnpike (I. 476) to Exit 95.

Qualifications for a Cigar Bar Exemption to the Smoke-Free ...

Qualifications for a Cigar Bar Exemption to the Smoke-Free Air Law Updated 4/29/10 • Cigar bars must already be in existence by May 1. • Have 10% or more of gross annual income from cigar sales and from rental of an on

About Us - Churchill Cigar Lounge

About Us - Churchill Cigar Lounge Churchill Cigar Lounge offers beautiful hand crafted Mahogany & Cedar Cigar Lockers for rent. No other store in the county offers anything equal to these beautiful lockers.

Cigar Smoker's FAQ

Cigar Smoker's FAQ THE CIGAR SMOKER's FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Revision 3.05 - 6/08/05 compiled by Bob Curtis, Internet Cigar Group (all rights reserved) Introduction: Welcome to the Cigar Smoker's FAQ - a comprehensive guide to cigar smoking compiled from online resources including the ...

Elite Cigars

Elite Cigars 8/1/2011 Four Cigar Ashtray<br>Round design is refined, subtle and stylish. 7" $13.50 Fresh Rolled Box Pressed, 5 x 58, 12 per bundle $32.10 Fresh Rolled Box Pressed, 6 x 50, 12 per bundle $33.30 Fresh Rolled Box Pressed, 6 x 60, 12 per bundle $38.75 Fresh Rolled Box Pressed, 7 x 48, 20 per ...

Cigar Boss iPhone App - Introduction - Sonny Westmoreland ...

Cigar Boss iPhone App Sonny Westmoreland − 321-536-8664 − [email protected] Media Kit Introduction Cigar Boss is a free, one-of-a kind application for the iPhone/iPod/iPad that lets users

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