Safer Choices Adaptation Kit

Tools and Resources for Making Informed Adaptations to Safer Choices: Preventing HIV, Other STD and Pregnancy

Making Choices

Grade Two Making Choices Overview Students share the book Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday, by Judith Viorst, to learn about opportunity cost, goods and services, incentives, and saving.


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The Housing Element

Vision and Goals of Choices, The Housing Element of the Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Comprehensive Plan Vision An adequate supply, and diversity, of housing opportunities will be available in Lancaster County to give current and future residents greater choice in housing type and tenure ...

Independent Choices

What is Independent Choices? The Independent Choices program is a Medicaid program administered by the Oregon Department of Human Services. Independent Choices is a fl exible program that lets you take charge of your own needs by providing cash benefi ts for in-home services.


Now, your property can generate profits and revenue "24/7." Copyright ® 2008 SICO America Inc. STANDARD CHOICES: Bed mounted to floor or wall Available with or without side cabinetry. 6 headboard vinyl colors 6 paint frame colors 16 wood stain options 6 standard laminate choices 5 sofa styles 3 ...

The program enables participants to be employers and hire ...

Columbus, OH 43215-3363 1-800-266-4346 Bonnie Kantor-Burman, Director John Kasich, Governor Choices Medicaid Waiver Program What is the Choices Medicaid Waiver Program?

The Choices You Make

Title: The Choices You Make Author: T. Smith Publishing Subject: Thinking and writing skills worksheet for kids Keywords: choices you make; fifth grade; 5th; thinking skills; writing worksheet; free printable worksheet; teacher resources; T. Smith Publishing;


YOUR VACATION CONTRACT Thank you for choosing a Global Hotel Choices ("Operator") vacation. To ensure that you understand the conditions of your particular vacation, please read the following policies and procedures completely.

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WALKTHROUGH - CO-TEACHING District: School: Observer: Subject/Grade: Staff: Times: Date: Feedback Type & Date Features Observations:  Items observed Teachers share ownership fully 1 Materials labeled as both 2 Each has a ...

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