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Mauro’s Nomenclature Cheat Sheet

Mauro's Nomenclature Cheat Sheet Two Non-Metals (Type III) (Prefix 1) + 1 st Element Name + Prefix + 2 nd Element Root Name + "-ide" Prefixes: • Mono • Di • Tri • Tetra • Penta • Hexa • Hepta • Octa • Nona • Deca 1 If Prefix number of 1 st Element Name is 1, Mono- isn't used.

Chemical Nomenclature: A Tutorial Rules & Drills with Answers

1 CLYau 2005.02.07 Chemical Nomenclature: A Tutorial Rules & Drills with Answers Table of Contents Unit I ... Studying chemistry takes work, regardless of how smart you are. ... Unit IV: Nomenclature of Ionic Compounds of Monatomic Ions An ionic compound is generally made ...

Title: Chemical Nomenclature Game (Naming Compounds)

Title: Chemical Nomenclature Game (Naming Compounds) Subject Area: Chemistry Grade Level: 10 th Concept(s) Addressed: - Ionic Compounds (including ionic compounds with transition metals and ionic compounds with polyatomic ions) - Covalent Compounds Knowledge Goal(s): Students will understand ...

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Reprint with permission only: Chandler – Gilbert Community College Learning Center . Binary Ionic Binary Molecular . Rules of Nomenclature

Naming Compounds Flow Chart

Naming Compounds Flow Chart Does the Formula begin with H NO YES Does it begin with a metal which has more than one oxidation number?


They are pretty easy to learn, because mostly they are in families or indicate their charge with a ... OXO ACIDS Most acids are ternary compounds: that is, they are made of three elements, hydrogen ... Ionic nomenclature is really the worst of it. What's left is relatively simple.

IUPAC Recommendations on Macromolecular (Polymer) Nomenclature

... Delaware, 19880 This Guide is easy to follow and a less formal approach to macromolecular nomenclature ... published in Pure and Applied Chemistry . It has been the goal of the IUPAC Commission on Macromolecular Nomenclature to ... unless assumptions are made; naming it by the "source-based nomenclature system ...

Naming Acids

Naming Acids Acids are divided into two groups: Binary and Oxyacids. Binary acids consist of two elements. Oxyacids consist of 3 elements, one of which is oxygen.


... reason to hope that, after 100 years, the names now in use would be clear, unambiguous, easy to ... As a result, changes usually are made in small steps and may not be really effective until a ... International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry Nomenclature of Organic Chemistry, Butterworths, London ...

How to Learn Organic Chemical Reactions

There are many books that have been written to make organic chemistry easy. ... I know there are students that struggle with stereochemistry, nomenclature, conformations, etc., but ... There are books like Made Easy, for Dummies, Demystified, etc., that are like a Reader's Digest ...

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