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©2007 Permission is granted to PMI for Congress attendee use only Facilitating Effective Project Meetings Jan Means & Michael Spivey Resource Advantage, Inc. Tammy Adams Chaosity LLC

Expert Facilitation: Accelerating Six Sigma Projects

Expert Facilitation: Accelerating Six Sigma Projects Janet Means and Tammy Adams Principle Managing Partner Resource Advantage, Inc. Chaosity LLC 284 Ford Road 8611 S. Kachina Drive Melrose, NY 12121 Tempe, AZ 85284 Summary When faced with the need for change, businesses struggle with issues ...

ArcGIS Spatial Analyst

ArcGIS ® Spatial Analyst Advanced Raster Spatial Analysis ArcGIS ® Spatial Analyst, an optional extension to ArcGIS Desktop (ArcInfo ®, ArcEditor ™, and ArcView ®), provides powerful tools for comprehensive, raster-based spatial analysis.

Helping Companies Understand and Improve Their Business Processes

Tammy Adams is Managing Partner of Chaosity LLC, specializing in business process improvement and group facilitation. Using a team-based, facilitative approach, Chaosity LLC extracts the experience and knowledge of your team to help organizations simplify the chaos in their business processes .

Defining a Baseline for Improvement

Defining a Baseline for Improvement Tammy Adams, Managing Partner of Chaosity LLC Jan Means, President of Resource Advantage, Inc. "As the business grows, it gets increasingly difficult to know what is going on in the business… and impossible to know what's not going on."

BrainStorm San Francisco

BPM BUSINESS DRIVERS WEB SERVICES BUSINESS DRIVERS Track Chair: Tammy Adams Track Chair: Andrew Efstathiou, Program Manager Business Process Engineer and Facilitator, Chaosity LLC Technology Management Strategies, the Yankee Group ...

The Project Meeting Facilitator

© 2006, Adams-Means 1 Originally published as a part of 2006 PMI Global Congress Proceedings - Seattle Washington The Project Meeting Facilitator Tammy Adams, Chaosity LLC Jan Means, Resource Advantage, Inc. Introduction According to a ...

Gas Phase Ions

It has been said that the properties of plasma make it "rampant with instabilities, chaosity, and non-lineararities" [].

2007 Celebrity Alpaca Futurity Sale Results

... HGNLC Cusquena $15,000 Chris Lehner Rolfing 67 Fem SMSR Bruxo's Pearl $23,000 Bill Rogers Trimberger 68 Fem HTAA Expresso's Sofia Bella $16,000 Linda Salsbury Kober 69 Fem HALPINE SKIES DE PERU D1118 $29,000 Tim Timmerman AOA LLC 70 Fem SWMA Peruvian Meisha $33,000 Susan Swope Faber 71 Fem HLazy's Chaosity $12,000 Brenda Crum ...


Presented by: TAMMY ADAMS Managing Partner Chaosity, LLC Co-presented with: JAN MEANS President Resource Advantage, Inc. Produced in Cooperation with: BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT Take the shortcut to building a process management organization in your company.

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