THE CERVIX: Colposcopy of the Uterine Cervix

THE CERVIX: Colposcopy of the Uterine Cervix • I. Introduction • V. Invasive Cancer of the Cervix • II. Anatomy of the Uterine Cervix • VI.


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About This Booklet This National Cancer Institute (NCI) booklet is about cervical cancer .* The disease begins on the surface of the cervix . If not treated, the cancer invades more deeply into the cervix.


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THE ABNORMAL-LOOKING CERVIX Dr Quek Swee Chong QUEK SWEE CHONG, Registrar, Gynaecologic Oncology Unit, KK Women's &Children's Hospital T H E M E : H Y P E R T E N S I O N Introduction Anomalies in the appearance of the uterine cervix are a common reason for referral to the gynaecologist.


Understanding Cervical Changes

Introduction A Pap Test Showed Cell Changes in Your Cervix You're probably reading this booklet because your health care provider told you that your recent Pap test (sometimes called a Pap smear ) showed cell changes in your cervix .


Cervical Abnormalities

DES exposed cervix Exposure in utero to DES (diethylstillbestrol) can cause a number of well-described abnormalities of development of the cervix, ...


Cervical Cancer

If you are older than 65 and have had normal Pap test results for several years, or if you have had your cervix removed (during an operation called a hysterectomy) ...


FAQ163 -- Cancer of the Cervix

What is cancer of the cervix? A woman's cervix (the opening of the uterus at the top of the vagina) is covered by a thin layer of tissue made up of cells .


Adenocarcinoma of the Cervix

662 Annals Academy of Medicine Adenocarcinoma of the Cervix—M A Quinn Adenocarcinoma of the Cervix M A Quinn,* MGO (Melb) FRACOG, CGO Abstract With the impact of screening programmes in reducing the incidence of squamous carcinoma of the cervix it is timely that attention is concentrated on ...


Sonography of the Cervix During the Third Trimester of ...

73 0361-803X/91/1571-0073 0American Roentgen Ray Society Sonography of the Cervix During the Third Trimester of Pregnancy: Value of the Transperineal Approach BarbaraS.


Assessment of Gravid Cervix-AC FINAL 2011

Date of origin: 1999 Last review date: 2011 ACR Appropriateness Criteria ® 1 Assessment of Gravid Cervix American College of Radiology ACR Appropriateness Criteria


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