Gothic Economies: Small gifts, high finance, and the politics ...

If cathedrals are built to be impressive, both to their earthly pilgrims and their otherworldly judge, then Gothic cathedrals are especially so.

Distinctiveness and identity in a challenging HE environment ...

Distinctiveness and identity in a challenging HE environment: a unique opportunity for Cathedrals Group institutions

Studies on the structure of Gothic Cathedrals

Historical Constructions, P.B. Lourenço, P. Roca (Eds.), Guimarães, 2001 71 ABSTRACT: The study of three Gothic Cathedrals is presented with a discussion on the results obtained with regard to their structural features and present condition.

Mathematical Look at a

... repeatedly apply a few simple geometric operations and tools, such as the mason's larg e compass, to produce a myriad of sophisticated designs as attested to by extant late medieval design manuscripts, by full-scale working drawings still etched on some church floors and walls, and by the cathedrals ...

Monet/Lichtenstein: Rouen Cathedral Didactic

^Monet/Lichtenstein: Rouen Cathedral Didactic Claude Monet's Rouen Cathedrals Famous for his broken brushwork and dynamic colors, Claude Monet transformed the landscape genre into powerfully evocative studies that skillfully captured the essence of his subjects.

FACT SHEET: Cathedrals & Churches

1 FACT SHEET: Cathedrals & Churches The Champagne-Ardenne region is home to dozens of spectacular cathedrals and churches built in several historical styles, including two that have been honored as UNESCO World Heritage Monuments - the Cathedral Notre-Dame and the Basilica St-Remi in Reims.

cathedrals, music and culture.  It also represented ...

Study Guide Nash, chapter 22 The Great War 1. U. S. home front 1914­1916 2. Power and influence of the federal government increased, 1916­1918 3.


THE CATHEDRAL FABRIC COMMISSION FOR ENGLAND DIRECTIONS FOR THE FORM OF THE INVENTORY OF A CATHEDRAL CHURCH Issued by the Cathedrals Fabric Commission for England Pursuant to Rule 17 April 1992 & May 1993 (Consolidated and Reprinted September 2001)

Production, Consumption, Prosumption:

The various elements associated with consumption continued their relentless expansion as, for example, America's cathedrals of consumption proliferated and new ones- Wal-Mart, Mall of America, the reinvented and themed Las Vegas Strip- emerged.

Across America

CatheDrals Across America EWTN Presents EWTN takes you to some of America's most majestic Cathedrals for Masses on the Church's special feast days.

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